Friday, February 22, 2008

Giallo Goddess Edwidge Fenech


Ben Varkentine said...

Two words about that first picture.



Mob said...

Excellent choice!

I've actually got some really awful looking movies of hers in the Netfux queue, I've watched everything I can find with her in it recently.

She's just stunning.

timdrussell said...

A beautiful example of why I couldn't load your blog at the hospital while I was waiting for my niece to be born (the network there blocked you!). Hurray for choice porn and porn as choice!

Arjan said...

she's got beautiful breasts, without meaning to make a corny comment.

Swinebread said...

Oh that's nice.... boing!

Dean Wormer said...

Only this blog could follow a post with a picture of Jesus with this hottie.

You won't find this ANYWHERE else on the net.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

That's some bush she's got.

Becca said...

And how!

Yes thank you for the reccomend! I really enjoyed Strip Nude for your Killer. I wish I could have found some pictures of her with that sexy short hair!

I heard The Cult of Iris was good and is next on my Edwidge viewing list.

I have finally made the big time! Now I just have to see if I'm blocked from readers in China.

And you are so welcome! Porn is the awesomest and I'm happy to share.

No corn here...her breasts are quite lovely it's so neat how they float into points.

Glad to share!

Wait til I post my Jesus in Candyland quickie sketch!

Dr. Monkey-
That bush is so hideous! I wonder what kind of flowers those are?

Piper said...

They don't make breasts like they used to.

Becca said...

No they do not! said...

Oh my god, there is really much helpful info here!