Sunday, October 05, 2008

30 Days of Halloween Costumes

Day 5: The Ventures! Of course if you are dressed as Hank and Dean you have to do the voices too!

Dean Venture: Hank! I had my pubes shaved. I'm gonna put them under the pillow for the tooth fairy!
Hank Venture: Did the doctor see that creepy dog dork of yours?
Dr. Venture: Hank, don't brag to your brother about your circumcision.

Creepy...but not the costumes they are great!


EVIL CLOWN said...

What, no Molotov Cocktease?

Arkonbey said...

Is it me or did Dean have his Y chromosome changed to X?

Becca said...

Now that's a costume I'd LOVE to see!

I know! I have my doubts about Dr. Venture too!

Mark Darnell said...

Nice, I'm doing Sergeant Hatred this year