Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Pin-ups!


Bubs said...

Those are adorable!

Arkonbey said...

wow. Attractive women plus plush bunnies and/or bunny suits should equal hot. I just find these pictures to be creepy. How the heck can these photographers screw up attractive women plus plush bunnies/bunny suits?

validation word: Chemper. A disease of sheep where the sheep grinds its teeth, then falls over and dies. Most things end with sheep being dead. For a diversion, here's an article about being a sheep farmer in Vermont. To view his list of sheep issues, search the article for'sheep has itch'. It's really quite funny, but don't read while eating.

There. Hope I've made your days a bit more surreal.


These are so funny. I think there is actually a name for person who has a fetish for stuffed animals..


Becca said...

Super adorable!

Many of these pictures are creepy. I think maybe it's the lighting. I mean it is super freaking hard to make Sharon Tate look crazed but...well there you go.

Sheep with an itch? Do they use coat hangers to scratch below the wool ;)

Yes there are...I've seen some interestingly stitched up plush toys used for...well you get the idea. And of course the folks who design and sew those amazing costumes!