Saturday, July 25, 2009

At the circus with Batman

I would have paid good money to see this show :)


Drake said...

Boy, the things Batman has in his utility belt! ;)

Dread said...

I love the 60's Batman but think the circus is a cruel and inhumane institution whose time has long passed.

Nathan said...

Holy pachyderms, Batman!

KW said...

You're right, Robin, Old chum! Riding on elephants is the only possible solution!

Arkonbey said...

Wow. It's like something you'd draw come to life!

Alien Piggy said...

I've seen Batman "riding" lots of animals

Becca said...

Boy the ASPCA must have really come down on him for keeping an elephant in his belt ;)

I really don't know much about circuses but I do adore elephants :)


I bet Robin had to ride a really tiny elephant! Emasculate that boy further Batman!

Boy what a great concept for a drawing indeed!

Alien Piggy-
Ha! Like those Catwomen and

Nathan said...

Maybe Robin rode on a pygmy elephant.