Monday, August 17, 2009

Comi-Con Finds

I wanted to do a post talking up some of the cool stuff that crossed my path at Chicago Comi-Con!

I was very lucky to get this excellent Barbarella drawing by the super talented Jason Chalker! You should check out his Manly Art Blog to see more of his excellent art!

The Albatross Comics people were my neighbors at the convention and they have a pretty cool book called Guilty of Conscience. Check out their website for samples.

I got a chance to meet Java of the pin-up site extraordinaries Java's Bachelor's Pad. Did you know they have a magazine? It is fab! Any fan of pin-ups and burlesque should do yourself a favor and check it out!!! Way Cool!

My other very cool neighbor was Michael Dauenhauer a very talented young artist who was cool enough to give me one of his neat drawings! Click the link to check out his Deviant Art page.

And best of all I got to meet Gil "Buck Rogers" Gerrard!!!! I think it's quite possible he was my first crush :) He still looks great and was really friendly. I was giddy for like 2 hours after meeting him...I'm such a fangirl!


Lee Sargent said...

You met Buck! That's awesome!!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Very cool.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

One day some kid is going to say the same thing about you that you said about Gil Gerrard.

wiec? said...

Erin Grey was one of my 1st tv star crushes.

twiggy twiggy twiggy

also nice Barberella drawing you got .

The Vicar of VHS said...

I used to watch Buck Rogers all the time, not only b/c of Twiggy and Erin Gray's awesome sexy space suits, but because Gil Gerard is actually from my home state...which is Arkansas, and at the time it was a big deal to see someone famous from Arkansas who was *not* a country singer or on the FBI's most wanted list. :P

Cool stuff!

Arkonbey said...

Buck Rogers story: When I was a young 'un. I was in a car with my mom and her female friend. I was in the back reading a large-ish library book. Said friend asked me what I was reading. When I told her "Buck Rogers" she cried "Ooooo! Let me see that!" and grabbed for the book.

She was quite disappointed when she found it was a collection of 20's newspaper comics.

"Darn", she grumbled, "I thought it was going to be Gil Gerard."

Donovan Ravenhull said...

I had to laugh just now. Me and my wife were reviewing the updates to Dragon*Con's guest list, and she saw that Gil Gerrard had just been added to them. She said almost the same thing as you did about having a big crush on him. ;-}

As for me, autographed picture of Adam Savage coming up. :-}

Jason Chalker said...

The Gil Gerard autograph is a total score. Now, if you can just get Dr. Theopholous's... :)

Yerk Toader said...

DUDE! Buck FUCKING Rodgers! Sweet! Man, Erin Gray was totally one of my first crushes if not THE first.

The Barbarella is really good, swanky!

And, uhhhh....Daphne and Velma could be better.....

without clothes :D

Blackwing Rose said...

I've been loving the links in this post. :-)