Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gratuitous Nudity with Sophie Howard

To the anonymous commenter in my last post, your right there hasn't been nearly enough nudity on this blog lately :)


Donovan Ravenhull said...

Very lovely. And thank you for giving those of us who understand that nudity can be beautiful with decending into skankhood a place to see such things.

Drake said...

I guess the beautiful nudity helps with the angst of never answering your movie polls fast enough and *sob* never winning anything! :)

"C" said...

Awesome! Thanks.

PS just watched the Star Trek pilot episode so now I know who the green girl is in your blog pic! She was smokin'.

Blackwing Rose said...

There is something really refreshing about seeing a natural pair of huge breasts. You know, as opposed to store-bought. :-)

Good luck with the quiz today...I'll be at my mom's teaching her how to use a computer. *wants to cry already*

Becca said...

Glad to please :)

LOL! Good luck tonight!

There is an episode where Yvonne Craig (Batgirl) plays an orion slave girl too! She was sooo gorgeous!

I know! I get kind of sick of the obviously fake breasts on sickly thin girls. It just looks like all that stretched skin must hurt!

:( Good luck with your mom....

Blackwing Rose said...

I agree completely. Be they melons or grapes, natural is the best. :-)

And Mom remembered how to double-click a mouse, so it wasn't as bad as I expected.

Trooper York said...

This is just great.

Thank you.

Jay Amabile said...

omg. omg.

david_b said...