Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dita in Disguise!

Hey wait I think I recognize that young mustachioed fellow :)


Nathan said...

If that's a guy, he has some quite impressive man-boobs. {g}

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that's Dita Von Teese, looks like a rule 63 of Uncle Moneypenny from Monopoly. (For those unaware, Rule 63 states that for every male, there is a female version such as in comic books where for Thor, his Rule 63 is personified in Thor Girl)

Nathan said...

Dita is Rich AUNT Pennybags.

Thor Girl? Are you sure she wasn't actually Loki in disguise?

Blackwing Rose said...

There is something seriously sexy about women in top hats (and almost nothing else). :-)

Becca said...

tee hee hee you said man boobs :P

I have never heard of that before but it is a fab rule! And the rich Aunt Pennybags thing is hilarious!

Blackwing Rose-
Agreed! The gloves don't hurt either :)