Friday, September 04, 2009

Harry Potter by Campion

Isn't this cool! As far as I can tell the artist doesn't have a website, but I just adore this one.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I remember the old drawing like this. Nice. I'm just sad that J.K. Rowling said Dumbledore was gay. I mean, now (rot-13'd for those not familiar with Half-Blood Prince's shocker) Fancr xvyyvat Qhzoyrqber (end of rot-13) is now considered a hate crime.

Yerk Toader said...

A quick search for my best gal. is brilliant for this stuff - just plug in a url or upload the file and it does a reverse image search, which found this:

His name is Pascal Campion, and his site is here:

Yerk Toader said... already know his name...


Doesn't matter - Morgan Freeman has cotton candy, and Tunde Adebimpe just dropped a track with Massive Attack.

And that's Full of Win.

Dr. Bamboo said...

That is an awesome drawing in so many ways.

Becca said...

Yeah it has a very Mad magazine feeling to it! Very nice!

Thank you! My Googling skills were obviously a bit off the other night :)

Dr. Bamboo-
Yes! So many things to look at here! It should be a giant poster!!!

Anonymous said...

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