Sunday, October 11, 2009

Settling the Lynda Carter Debate

A couple of years ago I had a Wonder Woman theme week here on The Skullcave. As part of the celebration I posted a short biography, some videos and a few pictures of the amazingly wonderful Lynda Carter! One of the photos included in the post was a "nude" of Miss Carter that didn't exactly look real, but didn't exactly look fake either. So I posed the question, was the photo real?

Over the last couple years there has been a small ongoing debate over whether or not the photo was real. The theories ranged from no it wasn't real, but an early photo manipulation that appeared in a fake Playboy magazine used in the movie Apocalypse Now. To being an entirely real photo from an unpublished Playboy set.

If you want to read the original post/ comments click here.

In any case the debate gets pretty involved but a recent addition from an anonymous commenter may finally answer the question. An anonymous comment that seems to come from Lynda Carter herself. (BTW I know it's the internet and that anyone could have left the comment but it seems a bit legit)

"I heard about this from a friend of my son. To clear it up that photo is not me! The real photo is in Hugh Hefners vault with instructions it's to be destroyed upon his death. I regret some of my poor decisions in my early days but that is how we learn- from our mistakes."

And I just wanted to thank Lynda for taking the time to answer!


Anonymous said...

Aww... so it wasn't real. Great, now the only way I'll see Lynda Carter nude is to hunt her down and strip her myself. That being said, there are other females not so far away and will part with their clothing for alcohol or cash, so she need not fear me stalking her.

Alien Piggy said...

Lydan Carter IS Wonder Woman! Her commentary on the "Pilot" episode of Wonder Woman on DVD is so genuine: she's self-effacing, warm, and funny. At one point she says, "Look at how beautiful I was." WAS? You're beautiful NOW, Ms. Carter!

Yerk Toader said...

I was randomly looking up Lynda Carter and stumbled upon her nude scene in Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw, and hence the questions of other epic Lynda nudity....which led me back here! To the very post you mentioned mere days before "she" posted...AND another post in which I swear I read about the aforementioned vault and destruction notice! And of course I can't find it. Maybe I read her post later and confused the memories...Fark.

Wow, small world anyway.

And Lynda Carter should feel no compulsion to puritan and patriarchal views on nudity, much less the tame world of Playboy. While they contribute to some of the problems with the ways men view women, they've done a ton to break the mold for women as well.

And she really doesn't need to be naked to be drool worthy and stammer inducing...but it doesn't hurt:D

Dr. Zaius said...

The photo is a fake. The head is too small for the body.

Blogg Speedo said...

The photo is a fake. The boobs are too big for the head.

Anonymous said...

I would really appreciate to never have to hear about this again. Please people whats done is done. Please leave me alone! And no I'm not going to auction off any womderwoman memoribilia, bra's or anything else! GOOD BYE...........