Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kreativ Award

Hey while I've been away I've won a few awards! You guys are soooo cool! Since there are a few of them I will put one up every couple of days, starting with the Kreativ Award from the very cool Drake! As a recipient of this award I now get to hand it out to 7 bloggers for their awesome creativity! This will be fun!

1. Rob over at Sad Robot Studio is an amazing artist! Seriously check his stuff out! He's a local boy overseas in Japan for school and looking for work in the art world. Wish him luck!

2. Speaking of great artists Jim8ball over at Last Dollar Comics does some pretty cool stuff too! Take a minute to check out his site and if you have an extra dollar pick up one of his dollar comics.

3. Arkonbey aside from being a pretty awesome artist who posts some pretty awesome comics deserves a very big thank you for giving me lots of feedback and lots of support. You rock man, thank you!

4. Jason Chalker is an amazing artist in any medium, pen and ink, paint...he does some very cool pin-ups and some fun geeky stuff. You can check out his new illustration site here: Chalker Illustration

5. Bubba Shelby AKA Eric Stettmeier does some great illustration work! I think my new favorite is the Yogi Bear Super Car! Go to his blog check it out!

6. I don't think she usually does this sort of thing but since I've been talking about great art blogs you should check out Tina Kugler's Illustration Blog I ADORE her style and get giddy anytime she posts something new. I don't expect her to respond but her stuff is pretty darn cool.

7. Again no chance in heck he even reads this blog but I wanna mention Scott Morse too. He does some really neat painted comics and I just love his stuff to death! The Magic Pickle rocks!


yerktoader said...

Congrats, Becca! You deserve it :D

Jason Chalker said...

Awww shucks... Thanks Becca!

Congrats on the award(s)! You deserve them.

Arkonbey said...

Congrats! Well-deserved, as usual.

And thanks (blush)! Some good company there. I know Bubba Shelby from Toyriffic but I never knew he drew until now. Coolness.

I checked out the Tumblr stuff. Some never-before-seen artwork there.

Becca said...

Awwww thank you!

You are sooo welcome!!! Anytime I get to talk up your art I do :)

Thank you! and your welcome!

And yeah Bubba Shelby's stuff is very cool! Toys and art are there any 2 cooler items in the world?