Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sherlock Robot

I want to see this show! With Robot as Holmes and Jonathan Harris as Dr. Smith as Dr. Watson! It'd be sweet cheesy awesomeness!!!!!! The Robot would smoke a pipe and Dr. Smith would complain about his toneless violin playing. So great it brings tears to my eyes.

And yes I know that's Robbie the Robot but you get the idea.


Arkonbey said...

Still better than Jeremy Brett...

I'm kidding, I'm kidding!

Don't hit me!

Becca said...

Hey I won't hit you, my favorite is Basil Rathbone but I don't know too many people who agree with me :)

Arkonbey said...

That's who Robbie likes, too; nobody else wore the deerstalker and cape.

AAANNNNND since I am a HUGE nerd, that is not the Robot from LiS. It is Robbie from Forbidden Planet (the feets are a dead giveaway).

When I hear the name Basil Rathbone, I think of that bumper skit from MST3k with "Basil ("bay-zuhl") Rathbones" dog treats.

verification word is Fecansti: a special Italian cheese made with grated umbrella handles; sold only to tourists, natch.

SamuraiFrog said...
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Becca said...

Yeah I know that's Robbie, just look under the picture :) I should have made that part more clear :)

I forgot about that MST3K moment!

Arkonbey said...

Oooo. Open foot, insert mouth.

I should have so known better than to try to correct you on pop-culture robotics.


verification word is Hantri. This is the feminine form of the Corellian name, "Han".

Captain Zaphod said...

Regardless of which robot it is, I wanna see this too! Is there more info, or is this just a cool pic?