Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some Mythology Themed Drawings

Medusa. I always picture her as unbelievably gorgeous, so gorgeous one look can turn you to stone...ha get it....sigh, yeah...unfunny.

Athena checking out the Percy Jackson books.

And finally this is Circe waiting for her next victims to arrive at her door.


MikeG said...

Love these! Great theme for your next sketchbook!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, not all tellings of Medusa's story have her as starting off as a monster. The tale is often told that she was very beautiful, and after having relations with Poseidon (the tales vary on whether consensual or not) in Athena's temple, Athena cursed her. And yes, there are those who would start to feel some stiffening at your drawing of her.

Next picture, well, I've not read the Percy Jackson books, so I don't know of any joke I'm missing. At least Athena's not reading a book on childbirth, considering she sprung fully-formed from her dad's forehead (talk about your splitting headaches).

And finally Circe, the first woman who ever thought of men as pigs. :)

The Vicar of VHS said...

Wonderful! I love mythological subjects, and your pin-up interpretations are worth questing through the Underworld for! :)

Arkonbey said...

Having Medua's snakes in a hairdo, is inspired (and well rendered).

Do I detect a look of incredulity and mild anger on Athena's face?

I find Circe to be problematic. The drapery is very strong, the hair, as usual, is exquisite and the diaphanous curtain works very well.

However, I find that, compared to your other recent works, the pose is forced, which makes the anatomy seem off. The face is also not as strong as your usual and feels very stiff.

This small critique was difficult to write as I've received some pretty harsh critiques from Sweet Enemy lately (and didn't take them well, to my shame). Please take it in the spirit in which it was given: not in harshness, but in appreciation of your overall talent.

Captain Zaphod said...

Your Medusa is so much better looking then Uma Thurman was in "The Lightning Thief" http://url.ie/5ufp

MJenks said...

Medusa was always very beautiful. Only after she offended Athena did she get transformed into the monster that Perseus slew.

Also, Athena was virginal. She wouldn't be dressed like that.

Becca said...

Great idea! And thanks for the kind words. Love your profile pic if I haven't said before.

I have read that she was lovely before the cure I just always figured she was lovely even after. Sort of makes it more of a tragedy in my opinion if she continues to be sooo lovely yet no one can look at her :)

The Greeks had the best "curses"! Greeks and Gypsies :)

"And finally Circe, the first woman who ever thought of men as pigs. :)"

HA!!!! Never thought about it that way ;)

Awww you are too sweet!

On Medusa: thanks I like how stylish it turned out!

On Athena: Hmmm not sure....I actually enjoyed the first book myself but...huh wonder how Athena would react to that book. Have you read it?

On Circe: I've been trying to try more complicated poses in that on-going attempt to improve my skills. I know the more I do the more unusual poses the more natural they will look...it's just getting there. I agree with the face...though I kind of like the way she looks a bit older. I was also very pleased with the curtain :)

Thanks again for the criticism. You really have been a huge help as I struggle along this art path-o-mine. So thanks for taking the time.

Poor you! Sweet Enemy seems like a harsh but fair mistress ;) Just kidding I love you guys :)

Captain Zaphod-
Wowee talk about photoshop disasters...it looks like someone cut and pasted Uma's head and those snakes together! Haven't seen the movie yet but I hope the Medusa effects look a bit better on screen. Yikes.

I have read that she was lovely before the cure I just always figured she was lovely even after. Sort of makes it more of a tragedy in my opinion if she continues to be sooo lovely yet no one can look at her :)

"Also, Athena was virginal. She wouldn't be dressed like that."

Why not? She was a virgin but that has nothing to do with the way she dresses. Virgins can't be sexy in any way? Do you think she walked around in thick formless linen? Ah who knows...I guess we all kind of envision these things in our head differently and I can respect your vision. This is just mine.

Avis habilis said...

Three things:

- Your Medusa can petrify me any day. Rowr!

- I love the expectant expression on Circe's pig.

- Athena's perpetual virginity is a later add-on intended to symbolize the impregnability (no pun intended, kinda) of the city of Athens. I kid you not. As a warrior, it only makes sense she would be running around as scantily clad as any other hoplite.

MJenks said...

No no no...I'm not saying that virgins can't be sexy, it was just out of character for Athena to be sexy. Yes, she was (by most "accounts") beautiful--fiercely beautiful--but she was also kind of cold and wasn't one to flaunt her wares. So, she did walk around in a thick, white costume. Also, she wore armor (being a war goddess and protector of cities and all that).

I did forget to mention that your Circe was dead. freaking. on. Exactly how I've always envisioned her.

Nathan said...

Well, maybe Athena dresses differently when reading in her boudoir than when making public appearances. You just caught in a private moment. {g}

I really like the detail in the Circe drawing, and I used the Medusa one in a post I just wrote about the Gorgon (with all due credit, of course).

If you're interested in drawing any more mythological women, how about Eris?

Becca said...

The pig was my favorite part to draw :) Thank you!

And the Athena thing is fascinating, it's interesting how people use fables and religion to kind of guide and control society. It also makes sense that as a warrior Athena would be right there in the battle and yeah not wanting long robes holding her back or being used against her.

What a fascinating conversation this has all turned into!

Yeah Nathan below kind of pegged what I was feeling that she was reading on her downtime. I'll have to draw her in her armor too, that would be fun.

And thanks for the kind words about Circe :)

Yes that is exactly it :) Kind of got distracted by the virginal thing but each of these drawings was meant to be a quick candid peak at these figures sort of like someone walking into the room and taking a snapshot. So exactly a private moment.