Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Zorg & Andy!

I haven't done a movie post in a while but I just saw a pretty fun micro-budget comedy flick so I thought I'd talk it up!

Undergraduate Andy is a bit of a scatterbrain in the most lovable way. In order to keep his financial aid for college he gets a job working at an on-campus Museum. His first task is to clean and prepare for display a strange statue (*ahem* with slightly impressive head gear) called Zorg. What happens next involves a mysterious beautiful woman, a cabal of pagan teachers, flesh eating beetles, human sacrifice, aliens, a killer pig mask (at least I think it's a mask), and archeology! It's really, really great stuff made by some pretty talented folks!

Check out the trailer:

Anyways if you want to check out the flick they have a website here:
Zorg & Andy

They are also trying to get Netflix to make the movie available for rent but need to show there’s demand for it. So if you are a Netflix subscriber click here and save Zorg to your queue :)

Good stuff!

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The Frog Queen said...

That was funny! Definately added that to my Netflix que. Thanks for the heads up!