Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Moment with Christina Hendricks


Cinema Du Meep said...

And a very fine moment it is. Thank you for this!

Anonymous said...

Da-yum! With emphasis on the 'yum'.

Thanks, Becca. She's been my absolute fave since her turn as "YoSafBridge" in "Firefly".

"Mad Men" (and the resultant attention) have just made it worse.


Kaiser Crowbar said...

Holy Hell! I do love me a fiery, busty redhead. Thank the gods for Christina Hendricks.

Lily Leaf ♥ said...

she is so gorgeous! and I love her on Mad Men :)

Daskaea said...

Miz Hendricks is one of my big lezbian crushes....she is super gorgeous and it is so nice her slightly out of the Hollywood norm body is being embraced---but I'm a little annoyed how much her curves are being focused on over her acting talents and *ahem* intelligence? Well, wishing that isn't exactly feasible. Hollywood runs on its own devices.
By the way, did you see her Mad Men Barbie? Looks nothing like her.

Becca said...

So happy to share my love of Miss Hendricks with y'all! She is quite lovely!

I know exactly what your saying! Maybe it's cause people are so used to seeing those stick thin celebrities without curves when they see Christina it's all they can think about ;)

I didn't see the Barbie but I can only imagine. I miss old school Barbie with the boobs that looked like they would poke your eyes out.

Mike Hobart said...

Oh my goodness. Talk about your unique celebrities. Truly one of a kind.