Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Anonymous said...

I'll refrain from making a "lei'd" joke.

This photo makes me sad. I've seen lots of photos of her front, so I know she has nice cleavage, but she does not have an equally nice posterior, and I'm a posterior man.

Anonymous said...

is this that sportsbybrooks girl?

Becca said...

Yes! It's so unusual to see her from behind. I just adore this picture. HA! Lei'd!

Anon the second-
I don't know actually. Is Denise Milani the Sportsbybrooks girl?

Nathan said...

A picture of Denise Milani where you CAN'T see her breasts? Now I've seen everything! {g} (And to think that, if it weren't for you and Aaron, I'd most likely have no clue who Denise Milani was.)