Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fran Gerrard

One of my favorite Playmates


Richard Bensam said...

Caption for second photo: "Oh golly, I bet I don't have to tell you what you can see from my porch this time!"

(See, on account of how she's wearing glasses, and...never mind.)

Scott said...

Dang-a-lang! I was born too late.

Miss March, hmmm. What year? Wikipedia says 1967.

She was only 37 when she died. No one seems to know the cause of death.

She is immortal (after a fashion), however: she's all over the 'net.

AFare24Get said...

Amazing image. Thank you for sharing this information.

Nathan said...

She certainly knew how to rock those glasses!

Arkonbey said...

'course, I had to look for some more

She's got a sort of accessibility that you don't see into today's playmates. More Bailey than Jennifer ;)

Becca said...


Holy cow I had never heard that! What a shame! She was so gorgeous.

I'm always glad to share :)

THose glasses are amazing! That picture could not possibly get any better.

New Playmates are almost always boring! They all look the same and they always have 1 of 2 different expressions on their face. I love the old Playmate pictures; they weren't all rail thin, they had more then 2 expressions and they just feel real.

Becca said...

Oh and thanks for the awesome link! The pictures of her on the couch with the fur are amazing!

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