Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm not obsessed with Farmville I swear.

Yes I drew a Farmville themed pin-up...oh my life.


Scott Is NOT A Professional said...

I'd hit it. (And I don't even do blondes.)

Wings said...

Awesome pic. I am addicted to Cityville, myself.

Wings said...

Love the little duck, btw.

Jason Chalker said...

If that's what the characters in farmville look like, I might have to start playing.

Becca said...

Depends on the blonde ;)

I feel your pain...I tried Cityville but figured I should focus on one highly addictive game at a time :) Is the duck in Cityville too? He's all over Farmville.

Alas no...maybe I should talk to Zynga about changing the avatars... :P

Wings said...

No, don't see the duck in Cityville.

Becca said...

Boooo. The used him with a little hard hat in all the Farmville related, Cityville advertising.

Anonymous said...

Aww... c'mon, I just got over my addiction to Farmville. It was taking over an hour a day just to harvest all my stuff. Didn't help that Zynga hadn't coded it right, and Flash was bloating like a blimp every time I went to a different neighbor's farm.

Although... it kind of reminds me of Daisy Mae from L'il Abner.

verification word - table
... What? A real word?

Becca said...

Still lots of coding errors but they get And the Flash bloat still happens, blaargh.

It does take a bit of time to play, but it's been a great way to blow of some steam in what's been some stressful recent moments of my life.

And Daisy Mae, boy she was perfect!

Table? I guess they have run out of nonsense words.

Nathan said...

There's so much other crap I look at on the Internet, I really don't have time to try any of the Facebook games.