Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Lovely Rose McGowan


Scurvy said...

she's lovely isn't she?
Have you ever seen Doom Generation? The movie is pretty much crap IMO, but she is a dirty girl in it. ;)

mister mark said...

and "planet terror". she's a honey in that..

yerktoader said...

I find it immensely frustrating that some of the loveliest ladies in the last few decades have soiled themselves by dating Marylin Manson... Gross.

Also, I just heard about Tura Satana's passing. How 'bout a retrospective for one of the baddest ladies of cinema?

larissa said...

she has had some BAD work done recently. I saw some stills from her upcoming Law and Order guest spot and she looks BAD. Shame she was so petty naturally

larissa said...

pretty not petty dammit

Becca said...

Boy yeah I still cringe when I think about that scene with the ahem...testicle eating...ugh. But Rose was radiant!

Mister Mark-
Any girl with a machine gun for a leg is okay in my book :)

NO KIDDING WHAT IS WITH THAT MANSON CREEP! He's like honey to the ladies or something.

Oh gosh thank you for reminding me about Tura! A much deserving salute coming to Skullcave soon!

No kidding she has completely spoiled her face with all that plastic surgery and every time I see her it seems like she's had MORE plastic surgery! Why do so many young actresses working today feel like they need plastic surgery. If Helen Mirren doesn't need it then neither so you!

yerktoader said...

I just read her wiki, apparently she was in a decent smash up in 2007:

"Riding as a passenger, her car was struck by another vehicle and the force of the impact drove her eyeglasses into her face. McGowan is quoted as saying, "I didn't realize I was hurt until I put my hand to my face and felt the flap of skin. My glasses had sliced me under my eye.""

Plastic surgery is often unnecessary, but I think Rose can get a pass on this one :D

Nathan said...

I was just recently pondering the Marilyn Manson thing. I guess I don't have anything against him, and I can identify with the dorky guy dressing oddly in order to be noticed (I've been through that phase before), but I don't get the impression he's that great a guy to date.

I haven't even seen what Rose looks like now, but I just recently learned that she needed reconstructive surgery. Poor girl. First dating Marilyn Manson, and then that!

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