Monday, May 16, 2011

Tess Munster by me!

A recent drawing I did featuring the gorgeous Pin-up model Tess Munster! If you've not seen the Lovely Miss Munster's work before I strongly suggest you do it now!

You can visit her tumblr here: Tess's Life in the Fat Lane
Or become a Facebook fan here: Tess Munster-Plus Model


M. D. Jackson said...

Nice job! Unless I miss my guess this looks like digital work. Coloured in Photoshop?

Dave said...

ok, following on tumblr and facebook :)

her real name is Munster?

Arkonbey said...

Very nice. One of your most complex drawings ever, methinks. The drapery of the skirt and the pattern on the apron are spectacular. It's interesting that your ability to draw hair extends to mops as well

Only suggestion: try drawing the room as a space to fit the subject into. It feels a bit more like a background done after the figure. The pail is not quite in perspective to the floor.

Arkonbey said...

Also, she's gorgeous, but her Tubmlr site, with it's black-on-dark-grey Older/Newer links is a bit annoying.

Question: as far as horribly inelegant design goes, is Tumblr becoming the new MySpace?

Tess said...

@Dave, thanks! xoxo! @Arkonbey, does my tumblr site look a bit off? I'm new to the site so I'm still figuring it out! :(

@Becca, thanks for all of your hard work! You captured me puuurrfectly! You are the cat's meow, and I will treasure this drawing forever! Much love to you lady!!

:) Tess

Arkonbey said...

@tess:I hope you didn't think that I was calling your site "inelegant"! Except for the link colors, it's clean and easy on the eyes. I don't work much with tumblr, but you should be able to change the link color to white or pink; it'd be easier for the viewer to peruse your site.

I feel bad I may have insulted you. If I did, I'm very sorry though, I stand by the first part of that sentence :)

A sort of apology gift: since you like tiki, have you seen Van Tiki custom made tiki mugs and stuff?

Movies on my Mind said...

You ought to Etch A Sketch this.

Becca said...

Yes drawn by hand, scanned then colored in photoshop :) I love my photoshop :)

Alas no, but it's a great "stage name"!

....coughs...That is actually what I did...coughs...the idea for the background came after the figure drawing. I kind of made it a tad wonky to make it look more like a cartoon, but you are right the perspective is off and it does separate her from the background. Definitely something for me to work on :)

As far as tumblr goes, it's more like blogger for people want to share images instead of words. It's a kind of neat concept.

I'm so glad you liked it! I love being called the cat's meow :3

I AM SOOOOO AMAZED BY PEOPLE WHO CAN DRAW ON ETCHA SKETCHES!!! I however am not one of them....sigh....

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