Monday, January 30, 2012

The Dragon Lives Again: The Greatest Movie Ever Made!

So the other night in my internet browsing I stumbled across a movie with a description so bizarre I had to seek it out and watch it. The Dragon Lives Again (AKA Deadly Hands of Kung Fu) is one of those movies they made in the 70's to cash in on the success of Bruce Lee's career after he passed away.

As the movie starts we witness Bruce Lee (or an actor that looks even less like Bruce Lee then Lynda Carter) waking up in Hell after dying. Makes sense right? And of course it's a "Bruce Lee" movie so he has to fight some bad guys right? OF COURSE! And just who are the bad guys "Bruce" has to fight? James Bond with a curly fro, The Godfather, The Exorcist, Emmanuelle of North Europe (yes that Emmanuelle), Dracula and an Asian Clint Eastwood in full western costume.

Phew! that's a mouth full! And if that's not enough to convince you to see this movie "Bruce" has his own posse of warriors to aid him against the forces of evil: Kain from Kung-Fu (actually played by a Chinese guy this time) and Popeye the Sailor Man.

Still not cool enough for you? Did I mention "Bruce" fights mummies and skeletons? How about gratuitous "cameos" by Toshiro Mifune and Laurel & Hardy? Well actors playing them at least...

Must see...

The King of Hell and his bailiff

The King's wives seem very interested in the arrival of "Bruce"

Ladies and gentlemen wait that guy doesn't look anything like Bruce Lee... Oh wait they explain that away by saying your appearance changes slightly after you die...makes sense.

Hmmmm Hell doesn't really seem so bad.

Zatoichi, Clint Eastwood and James Bond

The Clint costume is fantastic!

Emmanuelle of North Europe & The Exorcist share a laugh.

Emmanuelle & you never thought you'd see these two together...

Gratuitous bathing scene...hooray for gratuitous nudity!

Laurel & Hardy? More like Laurel & Hardly

Kain, "Bruce" & Popeye

Toshiro Mifune

The mummies

Kain vs The Mummies

Popeye had a bit of trouble against the mummies...thank Hades for spinach!

Greatest movie ever!


Bill M. said...

Actually, since Emmanuelle is, based on the understanding I get from having caught a few of the movies and reading up on her other appearances, the essence of womanhood, and thus can be practically any sexually liberated woman, i'm surprised it took so long for her and Bond to hook up, since Bond seems to hit on any sexually active (or is on the verge of being so) that's of legal age.

Of course that Hell doesn't seem so bad, that's just for the tourists. Get your hell souvenirs, just remember the tourist areas are like they are here, the only nice place that those in charge keep up.

BTW, did they make a sequel when his sone joined him in the afterlife?

Drake said...

Too bad it didn't have Bettie Page and Santo in it hmmmmmm i think we have re-make in the making we could add batman and of course Ash and his chainsaw!

Becca said...

Ooooooh now that'd be some Bond movie! Bond vs Emmanuelle! That so needs to happen. As far as his son joining him in hell that wouldn't be possible as at the end of the movie the king of hell restores Bruce Lee's life. So he's out there somewhere being spotted by old ladies at 7-11's just like Elvis.

As far as hellish souvenirs I have a spoon collection, wonder if I can get a spoon? Of course I suppose the metal would be all melty but hey that'd would be part of the charm!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!
Okay I'm coming to Florida and we are going to make this movie ;)

Kyle S. said...

Probably the least comprehensible and most ridiculous of the Brucesploitation films, though not my favorite. I remain a huge fan of Ilsa Meets Bruce Lee in the Devil's Triangle.

film said...

Does this movie really exist? If it does I would kill for a copy. It seems like a must-watch.

Nasira said...
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