Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nicol Williamson 1936- 2011

Oh my gosh I just learned that Nicol Williamson passed away in December! These cool people need to stop dying! I first saw Williamson as Merlin in Excalibur back in the 80's, he was so good he has sort of become the image that pops into my head whenever I think of any incarnation of the grand Arthurian wizard. Since then I've seen him in a number of movies, he was such a diverse and amazing actor! It's too bad he hasn't been in many movies in the last 15 or so years but at least we have flicks like Excalibur, The Seven Percent Solution and Return to Oz to watch and celebrate his career!

 Here's a pencil sketch of Merlin and Morgana I did a while back...


M. D. Jackson said...

I love the drawing, Becca!

To be perfectly honest I thought Williamson had died years ago. He was one of my favourite actors for a long time from The Seven Per Cent Solution and Excalibur and even to his last film role in the (mostly dreadful) Spawn in 1997. I was surprised to learn that he had still been alive all that time

Al Bruno III said...

All the icons of my generation are fading away... I must admit I am still bummed out we lost Sarah Jane and the Brig last year...

Becca said...

M.D.- Thank you! He was out of the spotlight for so long I could totally see how you would think that and have to admit the same thing happens to me from time to time then you look that person up and how wrong you are :)

When i was a kid and you think about the career you want to have as an adult Nicol as Merlin was totally part of the reason I wanted to grow up and be a witch. Yep that's how a child thinks right? that a career as a witch is totally viable. Elvira was the other reason ...hmmmm....maybe I just wanted to wear that cool dress and watch horror movies all day. That's what a witch does right? ;)

I know! I was watching that Baker episode Robot recently, it has both the Brig and Sarah Jane and I couldn't believe they were both gone! So sad!

I dread the day William Shatner dies cause I'm not sure if I'll get out of bed for a week.

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