Friday, January 27, 2012

Tallest Silver

My gosh I love cosplay and I have tons and tons of respect for the amount of work many of these people put into making some really fantastic costumes! My absolute favorite queen of cosplay though is Tallest Silver. If you don't recognize the name then I am sure you will recognize her photo as it pops up all over the web. Her costumes are to die for but the reason I LOVE her so much is her camera work. She's always posing for photos in clever and fun ways and she really seems to get into the role she's cosplaying. Anyways if you'd like to see more of her work check out her facebook page here: Tallest Silver on Facebook


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Her stuff is iconic. There is something about cosplay - you just KNOW when it's done right. Perfect combination of live person with comic characters in this case.

david_b said...

Ditto.. I couldn't have said it any better. There's LOADS of noteable cosplayers out there, but I love the ones who are flexible in assuming many different characters.

They also have to have.. that heroic 'presence', y'know..? It's really how they carry themselves that makes 'em effective. Anyone can put on a costume.

Nice selection of pics.

Becca said...

Cal- Iconic is totally the right word to use. She's so perfect.

That's a great point too grate cosplayers are like great actors they bring something to the role and that's exactly what Silver does when she puts on a costume, she adds to it and makes the role her own.

david_b said...

Wow.. just noticed Ms. Jessica at this cosplay site..:

Impressive, and lots of nice cosplay professionals here.

Have a super day, Becca!

Your Milwaukee fan, David B.

Becca said...

Oooh wow cool. I haven't been to this site in too long! And shame on me cause it's linked in my side bar :P Thanks for the heads up!

Silver said...

I am extremely honored for this appreciation post! You make me seem waaaay cooler than I actually am. I'm glad being such a big dweeb and spur such love <3

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much <3

Your art is basically amazing, Becca. I wish I could be as good of an artist as you.

david_b said...

Silver, you ROCK..!!

You bring so much sincerity and love into your art, so much like Becca.

Thanks for making a difference in the world.

Big fan in Milwaukee

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