Monday, February 06, 2012

Slimmer & Janine

Drew this pin-up a few weeks ago and love the way it turned out! So cute! It's also available to order on a t-shirt from Red Bubble!


Arkonbey said...

How the heck have I been missing your recent posts?



Anyway. Janine is perfect, very natural figure with great drapery (as usual). Slimer's arms and hands could use a bit of work. Next to the well-considered skirt, they look not-so-considered.

Aren't you glad to have me and my opinions back? ;)

david_b said...

Perfect as is.., great expressions. You'd make Annie Potts proud.

PS: I know this is from the animated series, but any reason to give a shout-out to Ms. Potts is cool.

Kevin said...

Wow- you're getting even better! Very nice coloring on that one!

Bill M. said...

Well, the phrase "bustin' makes me feel good" will be very apropos in my near future.

I am a big fan of stockings and garters, just about as much as I am a big fan of curvy redheads.

As much as I would like this on a t-shirt, I think I'd prefer a poster.

Becca said...

I've only been back a little while so you haven't missed much :)

One of these days! One of these days I'm gonna draw something so perfect it will momentarily blind you LOL...until then thanks critiques every now and again :)

I love Annie Potts especially in those movies. She always seems like such a cool gal!

Awwww thank you! It's so funny to see how my art has progressed over the years :) I don't really think about it til I look at the older stuff and see just how different it is :)

HA! Bustin' makes me feel good...totally made me chuckle.

And actually if you really are interested it's also available on a poster from Red Bubble:

or I have 11x17 prints for $20 shipping included (unless you live outside of the US cause it costs more to ship)...of course if you are the Bill that lives in China I can't even begin to guess how much it would cost to ship :)

Arkonbey said...

Elements of your art often stops me cold! I still gush about your Medusa's snake updo as a work of genius.

Bill M. said...

Becca, I'm definitely NOT the Bill that lives in China. I'm the Bill that lives in Kansas.

Thanks for that link, as I looked around, but only saw how to get it on a T-shirt there. When my tax refund comes in, I will be getting the large poster.

Becca said...

You are too sweet! Can you imagine pinning up snakes in a hairdo? They would have to be trained and awesome...

Nice to know you are much closer then China! Though I suppose there are some truly lovely landscapes in China. I imagine Kansas looks much like the area I live a couple hours outside Chicago in farm country. I often tell people the city I live in is like an island in a sea of corn...

If you do end up getting the poster hope you like it!

Anonymous said...

This is great could I use it for a tattoo?

Becca said...

Absolutely! As long as you email me a photo of the finished tattoo :D