Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Tallest & R2

I sooooo wanna read this as a comic!


Arkonbey said...

I'd watch a sitcom of that if, instead of actual R2D2, it had a little person named Fred Smollett with an R2D2 complex: a psychological condition where he has to spend many hours each day in R2 to feel comfortable.

It could be called Tallest & Smollett.

Awful, I know.

david_b said...

I love more full-figured cosplay. She looks gorgeous with the taper up the hips.

WONDERFUL rendition here.

Dave said...

nice boots..

Becca said...

HA!Only if Smollett can be played by Kenny Baker as well! That guy rocks. He's my favorite Time Bandit too!

David B-
Fangirls make the best cosplayers. I get so tired of seeing the models trying to boost their careers just putting on a super suit hoping to get a little attention. Plus she actually looks like she can bust some heads which is pretty sweet.

It must be sooooooo hard to find good shoes when you cosplay! It seems a lot harder to make shoes then sew a cape....