Friday, January 28, 2005

Rental Mania!

My boyfriend surprised me this week by paying off our fines at the video store and renting a shitload of movies. Which I have to thank him for cause there are a lot of recent releases I've missed. So we had a movie night and watched:

The Bourne Supremacy- Better than the first. I definitely recommend it if you saw the first one, perfect ending.

Dawn of the Dead- Surprisingly a lot better than I was expecting. It was hella intense and they really found a way to make it relevant to today's social isolation problems. Can't we all just get along? I'm sorry I couldn't help myself. Can I just ask that they quit remaking every good horror movie ever? I mean I'm really disturbed by what I hear about this remake of The Evil Dead that Sam Raimi's producing for newline. Even Bruce Campbell is calling it a bad idea.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind- Despite it's post-modernistic leanings I found myself really involved in the crazy, visually intriguing, story. I especially loved the ending that could really go either way. Brilliant. Hey when did Jim Carrey develop subtlety as an actor?

Sleepover- Hey ya gotta through the absolute bublegum in to make fun of. Unfortunately this one was so bad we couldn't make it past the first 16 minutes. And I saw A Cinderella Story in the theater twice.

Open Water- A pretty good man vs. nature flick, though I really didn't find it as intense as I hope a film like this will be. Still it was very scary and you couldn't pay me to snorkel in my bathtub let alone in the middle of the ocean. Can sharks climb up through the drain?


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