Thursday, January 20, 2005

A Short Intro

So how does one officially start one of these things? I guess I just tell you a bit about myself and we'll just go from there.

My name is Becca, I'm 28, and I've been working as a Manager of one of those large bookstores for 5 years this October. (God that's how you introduce yourself at an AA meeting.) I'm an aspiring artist hoping eventually to get good enough at one artistic medium or another to get into illustration. You know follow in the foot steps of N.C. Wyeth or Jaime Hernandez. Of course that one paragraph says a lot about me because everyone who works in retail is an aspiring something or other, they are just too lazy to get off their ass and do what they want. Or maybe they are too tired from serving the sometimes remarkably taxing public to do anything else.

Besides art I am a complete movie nerd. I've seen a lot of movies I am obsessed! I am also obsessed with Hollywood gossip making sure to get the weekly rag mags so I can keep up with whose broken it off with whom, what they were wearing when they did it, and the plastic surgery they had while recovering from their break-up.

Some of my favorite movies:
*The Evil Dead Trilogy (yes Bruce Campell is a god)
*The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (in fact everything and anything by Peter Jackson. If you haven't you must see Dead Alive and Meet the Feebles)
*The Last Unicorn (and the book if you like Tolkien, you'll love Peter S. Beagle who wrote the book the movie was based on)
*Spirited Away (Anything by Miyazaki really)
*The Big Lebowski
*Bridget Jones Diary (Yes I am a sucker for a certain kind of romantic movie, oh and nearly anything with Colin Firth.)
*Winged Migration (The score alone is a masterpiece.)
*Lost in Translation
*The Thin Man
*Conspiracy (Great HBO movie about the meeting of prominent Nazi officials to discuss the creation of the final solution for the Jewish people. Kenneth Brannagh is chilling.)

I can go on but I won't. I'm sure I'm boring you but I love lists. If anyone is actually reading, share your favorites with me, I always love to discover new movies!

When I'm not watching movies I'm listening to music. I especially love glam (Bowie, Eno, Roxy Music T. Rex), early punk (Ramones, Clash, Sid Vicious' single version of My Way is a classic), and early Goth (Bauhaus, Siouxsie, Nick Cave).

Some other misc. Interests include, pin up models (modern and vintage), reading (but I guess that's obvious since I work in a book store), comic books, I watch some TV (Simpsons, Carnivale, Newlyweds I'm totally hooked I admit it, South Park).

Okay so this wasn't so short, but who doesn't love to talk about themselves.

Thanks for reading,

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