Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Don't Pull Your Love Out on Me Baby

That's kinda an obscene title huh.

But no! I mean it not in an obscene way! It is of course the classic song by Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds. And one of the songs I have recently obtained by way of a box set shopping spree. In the last few days my boyfriend, Aaron and I have bought and spent lots of time listening to Have a Nice Day (the Rhino 70's pop culture box), Omigod (the 80's pop culture box), The Disco Box, and the R&B Soul Experince set (The coolest looking box of them all, it's shaped like a 3-D wooden 8-track case complete with fake 8-tracks, very, very cool.), and Downside Up the Siouxsie & the Banshees B-side collection.

And I've learned a lot by listening to all this pop music:

First that almost every song that was popular in the 70's was about Jesus, hardcore fucking, or marijuana. (Funny I suppose you could say the same thing about today's rap music.)

I really do hate Rod Stewart, a lot!

God I still know way too many of these songs by heart.

Rod Stewart still sucked in the 80's, in fact almost more.

Did you know the soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar was the number 1 album of 1971, disturbing.

Popcorn by Hot Buttered is really annoying.

Heartbeat by Don Johnson sucks even more today than it did in the 80s.

Yeah, there's no almost Rod Stewart did suck more in the 80's if you can imagine it.

On another musical note I was watching Vh1 classic and happened upon a sappy, syrupy, really awful, Chicago video for what song I cannot remember, but Peter Cetera was wearing a Bauhaus T-shirt. There is something so fucking wrong about that. There are so many things wrong with this world. Oh and my Christmas present from Aaron came in the mail yesterday. Invader Zim action figures! Zim, Dib, and Gir they are totally awesome! Zim comes with his spider legs, Dib with a desk and laptop, and Gir with a giant piggy! They are must haves for any huge fans of the show.

Hooray for giant piggies!

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