Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Have it your way?

So I swore to myself that I wasn't going to watch American Idol again this season. Really I did! But a lot of good that did me. Okay I admit it I watched the first season of the show, routed for Kelly almost from the beginning god knows why, some of her singles have been listenable but I'd never by one of her albums in a million years. Maybe it was just cause she looked like a prima donna compared to that Side-Show Mel looking mother-fucker, Justin Guarini. All in all I was glad she won.

Second season my favorite was voted off on the first audience poll episode yet I kept watching.Rueben and Clay had a ton of charisma and I will admit part of me thought it would be great to see the two of them go off and make buddy films like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. Then again, From Justin to Kelly is one of the worst movies ever made (not that I can make it all the way through the thing).

Third season watched the auditions, cause that's the best part and the first few of the audience poll episodes. Talk about boring. There was serious lack of original talent or charisma and they lost me about half way through. It was probably all for the best since Fantasia won and she was my least favorite contestant. "I broke my shoe"? What the fuck was that all about?

So after the lame experience of last season, I swore I wouldn't watch again. Then I started to see commercials for the auditions and gradually I gave in. Okay, I'd watch the auditions and that was it! But apparently I have no will of my own and despite my best efforts have once again gotten engrossed in the competition. I don't know what it is, how they get me to watch, especially since most of the contestants sound like Alicia Keyes or Justin Timberlake and I wouldn't listen to Alicia Keyes or Justin Timberlake if someone paid me....well how much you offering?

It's still early and the final 12 results haven't come back yet but I'm routing for Constantine Maroulis the rocker (he even got me to call in and vote for the first time), you know the one that doesn't sound or look like Eddie Vedder. I think that Eddie Vedder looking mother-fucker's name is Po or Bo or something. I don't know he bores me. Just like Eddie Vedder, huh, funny that way.

Well American Idol is about to start and so I will take my leave.

Rock on Constantine, rock on!


SamuraiFrog said...

If you want to get technical, you did call in and vote for Ryan Starr. Just so people know...

Becca said...

Oh my god that's right. Too bad she turned out to be such a bitch, and she was so cute!