Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Worst Times to Hve a Hangover

Found this list somewhere, thought I'd share it.

Your 11th birthday party

Annual balloon-popping and trumpet playing festival.

Your first day working at a steel mill.

Your first day working as a milk tester.

Your first day working as a milk tester in a steel mill.

Right before you realize your toliet doesn't work.

Alone in a field, naked, with blood on your hands.

The morning of your breakfast with Melissa Rivers and Ryan Seacrest.

Arbor day. (Have some respect for the trees, dude.)

Right before you board the world's smallest, fastest elevator.

The day after your first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Your first day teaching second grade.

The day you learn to fly a helicopter.

The day you're forced to spend four hours staring into a spotlight.

While visiting your grandmother, who always smells like mustard and fish.

At the zoo.

At a bowling alley that's inside a boat that's going through a storm.

The day you learn everything about your 401(k).

Right before you meet the parents whose baby you agreed to adopt.


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