Saturday, March 12, 2005

How Cool is That?

It's funny how a very simple thing can make you happy, forget your troubles and give you the ability to move on with your life.

I had a terrible day at work today and yesterday actually all thanks to my boss, the bi-polar Wicked Witch of the West. No on second thought I take that back calling my boss a witch is an insult to fairy tale witches everywhere. Still she is just awful. The kind of person who doesn't understand how to treat people, has no respect for her employees and never talks to me. Seriously she won't even say hello or goodbye unless I jump out in front of her and say it first. And I'm supposed to be her second in command. I hate her, really hate her.

In any case I came home today feeling as down as I ever have, had a little something to eat and then popped into the DVD player for the first time the Wonder Woman Season 2 box set. So far I've watched the first two episodes and man is it great! I have the first season too you know the one that takes place in the 40's and that was really good but this cheesy second season that takes place in the 70's is better. In the episode I'm watching right now, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are fighting Nazis in South America who have literally cloned Hitler. So this of course gets me wondering about the actor whose playing Hitler on this episode, what do you suppose he was thinking when he got the part. He's not very good, terrible German accent, wonder if he went on to be in anything else. God this is such a delectably corny episode. I feel so much better for having watched it. Now if only I could get Wonder Woman to swing into my workplace and save me from my wicked boss. Sigh...

Okay I found Hitler's name in the credits: Barry Dennen. Looked the guy up on the IMDB and man oh man this guys had a career. He's done voices in like 14 video games, was the voice of the Chamberlain in The Dark Crystal, played Praying Man in Titanic, was in The Shinning and played Pontius Pilate in the Jesus Christ Superstar Movie. What a career. Who could have expected all that?

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Kristen said...

and you forgot .... he once lived with Barbara Streisand... her first love was Hitler... awwwww.

I am now using your Suspiria wallpaper. Thanks!