Sunday, March 06, 2005

Napoleon Can Suck on my Dynamite

God, I just finished watching Napoleon Dynamite and man did it suck ass. It had as much entertainment value as watching Timothy Busfield chase Robert Carradine around a tree with a stick. No I take that back. Watching Timothy Busfield chasing Robert Carradine round a tree with a stick would have been more interesting than Napoleon Dynamite. I only saw the movie because a number of people I know told me they thought it was hysterical and highly recommended it. I suppose these are the same people who think Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a funny show.

How does a movie like this even get made? There was no story and none of the characters were interesting or likeable. And what's with the stupid wedding scene after the credits? Fuck! I haven't hated a movie this much since League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Avoid it at all costs.


Kristen said...

I made a huge mistake and saw this in the theaters. I wish you told me you were going to rent it, so I could warn you.
The strange thing, everyone was laughing their ass off during this movie. I thought there was something wrong with me. I looked around and realized the majority of the audience was under 14. Yeah for the youth of today and their horrible taste!

Assassin Elektra said...

I ahted that movie so much too! I want that hour of my life back (I didn't even finish it, lol)

Allen Lulu said...

Been reading and loving your site, Becca. I have to ask, how old are you and your friends? I ask because I was forced to watch this ubelievably boring piece of tripe at a birthday party for a friend of my band's. I am 41 and they are all about 10-15 younger than me and I REALLY didn't get it. For the first time I felt the generational chasm and had to wonder, am I just too old to get it? Is it, indeed, a generational thing?
Since I love most of what you put up here and relate to it, I had to wonder about that.
Not only was it boring (and I mean BORING), but it was boring as well. And poorly acted.
But, i kind of felt the same way about Little Miss Sunshine, which is getting raves. It's unbelievable and over the top and I left feeling like I was just missing something.


Becca said...

I'm a few days short of 30 so to answer your question I don't think the humor is generational as much as it's for stupid people.

And no one gets it when I tell them I hated this movie, they always have the same reaction...
"How many times have you seen it? What? Only once? You need to watch it a second time and let the humor sink in then I promise it will be really funny."

No thanks it was hard enough the first time.