Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Rifling Through the Past

So the other day I was hunting through boxes of old papers looking for a phone number and I came across these pictures. At first it was fun to look at the old snapshots but then I found myself trying to remember when each of the pictures were taken. I couldn't my mind drew a complete blank and I can tell these are pictures from at least four different occasions. Don't you get into the photo booth and take pictures with friends to mark a special occasion, a night of fun or excess? I guess my teenage years were just a little dull. And why does it look like I'm trying to kill Kristen?

Fondly forgetting my teenage years,


Kristen said...

I always hated the bottom left pic cuz it looks like I am trying really hard to tongue you.
And when were you not trying to kill me?
And what the heck ever happened to George?

SamuraiFrog said...

Alright, ladies! A little more tongue action next time! Stroke each other's hair! Whip your hair around a little more!

Checking in with the male audience side of things.

Kristen said...

Maybe Becca will publish those other pictures... like the time we had a sleepover and had a pillow fight in our tiny nighties, which happen to rip open right when our pillows exploded from all our fighting.
Later we brushed each other's hair, topless, while talking about boys.

Ummm errr Cuz all teenage girls do that... right?

Oh geez.... I am just joking...

SamuraiFrog said...

You mean they don't? Reality as I know is melting before my eyes...

Thanks for the image, though.