Saturday, March 12, 2005


"Susie...Sarah...I once read that names which begin with the letter 'S' are the names of SNAKES! Sssss! Ssssss!"- Olga

This Week's movie of the week is, Suspiria.

Dario Argento's masterpiece of horror, with its assault of garish colors, booming soundtrack and horrifically dreamlike set pieces, is the cinematic equivalent of an exceptionally scary fun house. It tells the story of Susan (Harper) a young, impressionable American who travels abroad in order to study at a prestigious European ballet academy. From the first day, however, she begins to realize that frightening things are afoot at the hallowed institution. Enduring a rain of maggots, poisoned food and other unpleasant occurrences, she discovers that the school is a secret convening place for an ages-old witches' coven. Cut to various lengths due to violent content, the film's original full running time is 100 minutes.

Fun Trivia:
Director Dario Argento, composed the creepy music with the band Goblin and played it at full blast on set to unnerve the actors and elicit a truly scared performance.

Director Dario Argento's original idea was that the ballet school would accommodate young girls not older 12. However the studio and producer (his father) denied his request because a film this violent involving children would be surely banned. Dario Argento raised the age limit of the girls to 20 but he didn't rewrite the script, hence the naivete of the characters and the occasionally childlike dialogue. He also put all the doorknobs at about the same height as the actress' heads, so that they will have to raise their arms in order to open the doors, just like children.

Dario Argento's face can be seen reflected on the taxi's glass partition in the opening sequence. Assumed by many people to have been a mistake coming from a rushed shoot, Argento has gone on record to say it was intentional.

Fun Quotes:
Bad luck isn't brought by broken mirrors, but by broken minds.

Four outta four stars Check it out.

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