Friday, April 22, 2005

I end up bitching about my boss anyways.

My life over the last few weeks has been hell and seemed to reach it's absolute peak after I spent the morning puking (Is there anything worse in the world than throwing up?). In anycase my working far too much over the last couple of weeks has prevented me from updating this blog on a more regular basis. (Well I could have updated more often but I don't think anyone out there wants repeated bitching about my boss.) Now that everything seems to be going back to normal I will do my best to post something at least every other day.

In anycase here is a brief rundown of the last two weeks.

Inventory is coming.

My manager decides there is no reason she needs to tell me about the three people who just handed their two week notices.

Inventory is coming. Fuck do I have to put in a 12 hour day again?

Aaron and I start reading Jane Eyre. That Rochester is up to something.

Only two more weeks til hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy comes out. Cool.

Inventory is still coming, I sure am glad my manger is going to San Diego for a week long meeting.

Work. Work. Work.

Got a new snowboarding video game. I love snowboarding games.

Hey this work is running pretty smooth without my boss around. I suppose that's just typical.

My boss comes back and decides there is no need to communicate with me about anything and I am forced to listen to her tell one of the supervisors she likes all about her trip, show him the shells she collected on the beach, and give him the signed copy of a Bone comic she got at the meeting. Jeff Smith drew a little Ted the leaf bug. Cute! But the whole day makes me feel like a middle child vying for the attention of their parent.

Aaron an I go to see Grapes of Wrath playing at the NIU drama center. Oh it rains on the stage. Am I supposed to be impressed or something? Highlight of the evening getting to walk through the NIU Anthropology museum. They have an 8 foot stuffed bear it's so cool.

Inventory day, it begins at 11:00am and ends at 4:00am. Inventory goes very smoothly. My boss avoids me the whole night and as though she feels she needs to one up me (for what I don't know) and works 24 hours straight. She's fucking crazy and screws up my nice and clean back room. Needless to say I was so pissed.

Oh my god Rochester does love Jane only they can't... I'm so sad. Rochester is so dreamy. Naughty thoughts about threeway with Darcy and Rochester ensue. I'm such a fucking nerd.

Lots more work only it's not as overwhelming since the big night is over. I'm so fucking tired though and totally emotionally wrecked.

My manager finally tells me about all the people who've quit. Good thing she was so on top of communicating such an important thing to me.

Four hours of King of the Hill with Aaron.

I wake up sick and think I'm going to die. I eventually in the words of Men at Work, chunder. Or in the words of my last boss, the mad Australian, do the vertical rainbow. Cute.

I take the day off sick and eventually write this incredibly long message.

The Black Eyed Peas suck.

Until next time,

Oh and just who the fuck is Gina Wangbanger?

and Merna have you heard anything about that job promotion? I have my fingers crossed.

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Kristen said...

I hope you feel better. At least it got you off of work. I feel your pain about your boss. We have a big event going on this weekend so she decides to go on a week vacation. The event is now my thing, which it will run smoothly because my boss is a very nervous person and makes everyone else nervous. Anyho I start interviewing for the position next week. It is rumored that my boss is also leaving... but she wouldn't tell anyone. I want the store. The store is huge, in Wheaton, and has wonderful customers and awesome employees.
I guess I should have rambled on in an email instead of a comment. Oh well. Just wanted to let you know I am here but busy too.