Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pointless Waste of Time

I am apparently bored enough to answer fellow blogger "chain letter" like posts. You'd probably be better off to skip this post and get on with your life.

Okay, I warned you. So if you are still with us here are the rules:

If you'd shag them put the name in bold.
If you'd shag them after a few drinks put the name in italics.
If you wouldn't shag or don't know who they are, leave as is.
Add one of your own to the end.

1. Stephen Dorff
2. Wesley Snipes--maybe as Blade.
3. Denzel Washington-- Denzel seems like a real prick.
4. Samuel L Jackson
5. Hayden Christensen--Eww, not after Episode 2. Or really before that. Icky.
6. Ian Somerhalder-- What's an Ian Somerhalder?
7. James Van Der Beek-- Dude you've gotta be kiding me Dawson made this list?
8. Ashton Kutcher
9. Sean William Scott-- Gossip from friends whove met him, Sean is gayer than a three dollar bill. Somehow that makes that dance off scene in American Pie 3 alot more interesting.
10. The Rock-- Who could resist The Rock? I could say something very dirty right now but will hold back.
11. Brendan Fraser-- Funny and cute, the whole package.
12. Oded Fehr
13. John Hannah
14. Hugh Grant
15. Colin Firth-- I am addicted to Firth. In fact as I write this I'm 4 hours into my umpteenth viewing of Pride and Prejudice. I never get sick of him in the wet shirt. Who could?
16. Liam Neeson-- The rumors of size have me curious. I mean look at his hands!
17. Daniel Day-Lewis
18. Leonardo DiCaprio
19. Billy Zane
20. Harry Connick Jr
21. Sean Astin
22. Dominic Monaghan
23. Karl Urban
24. Vin Diesel---isn't he gay? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
25. Paul Walker-- The only people I know who think he's cute are gay.
26. Joshua Jackson-- Come on! Now Payce? Seriously people Dawson's Creek sucks! Get over it.
27. James Marsden--Boring!
28. Shawn Ashmore
29. Hugh Jackman
30. Will Kemp
31. David Wenham
32. Viggo Mortensen
33. Elijah Wood
34. Tobey Maguire--Ick.
35. James Franco--Double Ick.
36. Alfred Molina--He may not be cute but at least he's a man.
37. Harrison Ford
38. Sean Connery
39. Shane West
40. Stuart Townsend
41. Richard Roxburgh--Really? There are girls out there who like Richard "Moulin Rouge" Roxberg?
42. Ewan McGregor
43. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
44. Christian Bale
45. Jared Leto--Eww, he looks like a little girl.
46. Colin Farell--Eww, I think he eats little girls.
47. Ben Affleck
48. Josh Hartnett
49. Bruce Willis
50. Billy Bob Thornton--Not for any amount of money. In fact Imake a point to always carry a Benjamin Desraeli picture on me just in case I need to scare the guy off.
51. Dennis Quaid
52. Jake Gyllenhaal
53. Patrick Swayze
54. Keanu Reeves
55. Gary Oldman
56. Tim Roth
57. Steve Buscemi
58. Michael Madsen
59. Rick Yune
60. Pierce Brosnan
61. Robert Carlyle
62. Jonny Lee Miller-- Just another little girl.
63. Jude Law--I'm sick to death of Jude Law. He's so boring!
64. Matt Damon
65. Clive Owen--But only in Sin City. Maybe it was the black and white and the converse tennies.
66. Ryan Phillippe
67. Benicio Del Toro
68. Johnny Depp
69. Orlando Bloom
70. Sean Bean
71. Eric Bana- Especially in Chopper. He has the cutest ears.
72. Brad Pitt
73. George Clooney
74. Mark Wahlberg
75. Jason Statham
76. Edward Norton
77. Ben Stiller
78. Owen Wilson
79. Vince Vaughn
80. Joaquin Phoenix
81. Russell Crowe-- Russell Crowe the actor? or Russell Crowe the bar singer?
82. Billy Boyd
83. Paul Bettany
84. Heath Ledger
85. Mel Gibson-- Mel Gibson died for your sins you know.
86. Jason Isaacs-- It's the eyes, they are so blue.
87. Alan Rickman
88. Kevin Costner--Do you suppose he really has gills? Um sorry. Bad Waterworld joke.
89. Christian Slater -- Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
90. Antonio Banderas
91. Tom Cruise-- Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
92. Ving Rhames
93. John Cusack
94. John Malkovich-- Eww he looks like he's dead.
95. Charlie Sheen
96. Kiefer Sutherland
97. Emilio Estevez
98. Rob Lowe
99. Matt Dillon
100. Kevin Bacon-- Thanks but no thanks. I've seen Kevin's bacon and I'm not impressed.
101. Adam Brody
102. Andy Serkis
103. Alan Cumming
104. Josh Groban-- Ha! Icky, Ewwwwwwwwwwww! I think it's boys that raise him up. Get it?
105. Sean Biggerstaff
106. Zack Braff
107. Harry Sinclair
108. Gerard Butler-- Ever since I saw Timeline, and now he's The Phantom. It's enough to make a girl wanna swoon.
109. Marton Csokas
110. Jeremy Sumpter
111. Sean Patrick Flanery
112. Cillian Murphy-- Speaking of boys who look like girls...
113. Hugh Dancy
114. Ioan Gruffudd
115. Mads Mikkelsen
116. Gael Garcia Bernal-- I wish he would just disappear. I'm so sick of hearing about The Motorcycle Diaries.
116. Enrique Murciano
117. Jamie Bamber
118. Chris Evans
119. Joe Perry
120. Billy Crudup
121. Josh Holloway
122. Michael Vartan
123. James Marsters-- I fucking HATE Spike! He's butt fucking ugly.
124. David Anders
125. Matthew Fox
126. Aaron Standford
127. Nicholas Gonzalez
128. James McAvoy
129. Diego Luna
131. Thomas Jefferson--Really? The Thomas Jefferson? Wow who gets a crush on Thomas Jefferson?
132. Boyd Holbrook
133. Brandon Flowers
134. Michael Pitt
135. William Peterson
136. Daniel Radcliffe-- He's so cute, but it's so wrong.

The directions tell you to copy and paste this into your own blog to continue the chain. Hmmm, if Thomas Jefferson has already made the list how long til we see Henry Kissenger. You know, power is apparently the ultimate aphrodesiac.

until next time, if you decide to read on after this post.

Someone should do a list like this of girls, it would be alot more fun!


Kristen said...

This is sucha an odd list of men too. I may steal it from you and put it on my blog but then everyone will make fun my horrible taste in men. :(
Are you over Harrison Ford? I noticed he wasn't bolded or anything. He does seem very boring, and old man like, and deprived of a personality.

Becca said...

Merna you should totally steal it. I'd love to see your list and comments.

And yes I'm so over Harrison Ford. I never in a million years thought it would happen but he's just so boring and self-rightous now. I don't mind em old, I just hate it when they give up on life.