Friday, May 20, 2005

IL Senate OKs Video Game Restrictions

When did we decide it was society's responsibility to raise children and not parents? This is just so typical of our society, let's blame video games for violence in children. Let's mandate what someone can or cannot buy because it's the easy way out. Yep that's America in a nutshell, take the easy way out.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - The Illinois Senate approved a version of Gov. Rod Blagojevich's proposed restrictions on the sales of violent and sexually explicit video games to children, even though some senators said the idea is unconstitutional.

The measure approved Thursday would require store owners to determine which games are too violent or sexually explicit for anyone under 18. Anyone selling them to a minor could be fined.Both chambers have now approved the video game restrictions, but the Senate version removed the possibility of jail time for offenders. That means the revised bill now goes back to the House.

The sponsor, Sen. Deanna Demuzio, denied the measure would interfere with free speech rights.

"Video games are not art or media," she said. "They are simulations, not all that different from the simulations used by the U.S. military in preparation for war."But other senators said the courts have already struck down similar laws elsewhere. They predicted the Senate-approved measure would never take effect and the state would end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.Still, even some critics said they would not vote against the measure for fear it would be used against them politically.

And thanks to our elected officials who stand up for what they believe not caving into the pressure of worrying about public perception and being re-elected. Kudos Mike Jacobs,



SamuraiFrog said...

The problem here is that, according to the article, sellers have to determine THEMSELVES what is offensive, etc. There's a couple of problems with that. First, not everyone has the same idea of what's offensive and what isn't. What might be offensive to a bluenose with two young kids who just HAS to COMPLAIN about SOMETHING is probably not the same as what might be offensive for some hapless store manager.

It's also a gigantic fucking loophole. There's already a rating system on games, and if Illinois puts the burden on sellers to decide what's objectionable, they can simply use that defense in court: "Your honor, I didn't find the material in question to be objectionable according to my own standards and my own cognizance and understanding of community standards."

So, basically, what we're left with here is a total mess. Without a standard to go by, how can they determine who is guilty? There are no guidelines in place here.

Maybe Blago should shut the fuck up about video games and stop taking kickbacks from construction companies for yet more road work. Didn't we hire this asshole because he promised to get rid of the Ryan corruption and greed? When is that supposed to start?

Becca said...

Well Blago does have the lowest approval rating of his term at the moment. It's somewhere between 30 and 40%. Maybe it's cause he's more focused on non-issues like video games.