Saturday, May 07, 2005

Movie of the Week: The Cat Returns


"Just for the record, I admire a young woman who speaks from the heart." -The Baron

This week's movie of the week is, Hiroyuki Morita's The Cat Returns

A young girl rescues a mysterious cat from traffic and soon finds herself the unwelcome recipient of gifts and favors from the King of the Cats, who also wants her to marry his son, Prince Lune. With the assistance of a fat, grouchy real cat and an elegant cat statuette come to life (both characters featured in Studio Ghibli's earlier anime "Whisper of the Heart"), the girl visits the Cat Kingdom and narrowly escapes again.

Fun Trivia:
This movie is related to Whisper of the heart, another Studio Ghibli movie as it  follows Muta (the cat from Whisper of the heart) and Baron (the cat statue in Whisper of the heart, also used in Shizuku's story). The story was based on Neko no Danshaku (Baron of Cat) by Hiiragi Aoi.

In the Japanese version, the brown cat with flat ears is a girl. In the english version, it's a boy.

Fun Quotes:
Haru: Why are you telling me to flirt with him?
Hirome: So I can laugh when he blows you off!

Haru: ... Moo-ta.
Muta: Moo? Are you saying I’m a fat cow?
Haru: No! You’re just fat!

A Clip From The Cat Returns:

My Cat Returns Wallpaper:

Four stars. Really great!

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