Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What the fuck is going on Viggo? What's with the mustache and shaggy hair? Please tell me you are playing George Custer not some redneck from Elgin who has to go take the pick up over to the liquor store for some smokes (Marlbro Red) and a case of Old Style. Or worse would be telling me you are playing Yanni in Live at the Acropolis: The Yanni Story. Shave that damn thing before you start beatin your wife and appear on Cops. I have rambled enough. Posted by Hello


Kristen said...

he kinda has that crazy look in his eyes like Snicket's Count Olaf

Becca said...

Maybe that's his next movie, Series of Unfortunate Events Too. And instead of being about the Baudelaire children it'll be about that unfortunate mustache. Viggo, viggo how unfortunate.