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Does this mean tiggers are extinct?

Cause I have it on pretty good authority that the most wonderful things about tiggers were that he was the only one...

Paul Winchell, a ventriloquist, inventor and children's TV show host best known for creating the lispy voice of Winnie the Pooh's animated friend Tigger, has died. He was 82.

Over six decades, Winchell was a master ventriloquist — bringing dummies Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff to life on television — and an inventor who held 30 patents, including one for an early artificial heart he built in 1963.

But he was perhaps best known for his work as the voice of the lovable tiger in animated versions of A.A. Milne's "Winnie the Pooh" — with his trademark "T-I-double grrrr-R."

Winchell voiced memorable characters in numerous animated features over the years for Disney and Hanna Barbera. He was Gargamel in "The Smurfs," and Boomer in "The Fox and the Hound."

Winchell said he always tried to look for characteristics and idiosyncrasies in the voices he created. For Tigger, he created a slight lisp and a laugh. He credited his wife, who is British, for giving him the inspiration for Tigger's signature phrase: TTFN. TA-TA for now.

In 1974, he earned a Grammy for best children's recording with "The Most Wonderful Things About Tiggers" from the feature "Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too."

We'll all miss him, especially that silly old Becca.

Pin-up of the week, Kitten Natividad. I hear she needs more cock. Posted by Hello

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Overlooked Movies: The Company of Woves


"Little girls, this seems to say never stop upon the way, never trust a stranger friend no-one knows where it may end. As you're pretty so be wise wolves may lurk in every guise, now as then, 'tis simple truth sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth."

This weeks movie of the week is, The Company of Wolves.

This movie is in fact a magical bag full of symbolic folklore about werewolves, or, rather, their sexual connotation. Grandmother Angela Lansbury tells her granddaughter Sarah Patterson strange, disturbing tales about innocent maidens falling in love with handsome, heavily eyebrowed strangers with a smouldering look in their eyes; about sudden disappearances of spouses when the moon is round & the wolves are howling in the woods; about babies found inside stork eggs, in a stork nest high up a tree; etc., etc. Of course the story of Little Red Ridinghood is also  present, with a very handsome he-wolf.(And of course this he-wolf consumes Grandmother, but 'consumes' Little Red Ridinghood). All the stories are somehow reducable to loss of innocence, and fear of/hunger for (a newly acquired sense of) sexuality; their Freudian character is mirrored in their dreamlike shapes. This movie is not really a horror movie; it's more a multiple tale about growing up into adolescence.

Fun Quotes:
Granny: Your only sister, all alone in the wood, and nobody there to save her. Poor little lamb. Rosaleen: Why couldn't she save herself?

Granny: A wolf may be more than he seems, the worst kind of wolves are hairy on the inside and when they bite you they drag you with them to Hell.

Granny: Never stray from the path,once you stray from the path you are lost forever. Never eat a windfall apple and never trust a man whose eyebrows meet in the middle.

A gory scene if you can stand to watch it...

Short but sweet. A great movie if you can find it, I understand however that the DVD is edited.

My Company of Wolves Wallpaper:

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This is not a's a quiz!

1. Using your Current Initials, choose a different name for yourself:
Raisa Althea Wemyss (boy that's crap isn't it?)
2. If you were born outside of your era, when would you want to be born?
The 50's so I could experience the 70's music scene first hand at an age where I was still willing to experiment.
3. If you ran a store, what would you sell/have?
Books, comics, music, DVD's, toys.
4. What part in a movie would you love to play?
Barbarella, that girl has all the best toys. Everything from a space ship carpeted in shag to a blind angel.
5. In your opinion, why do people suck?
Cause they are all so fucking stupid.
6. If you had your own state, what would you put on your new quarter?
Vixen Palmer on one side Barbarella on the other. It would be the sexy state. How cheesy is that?
7. What's the oldest article of clothing you own?
A green silk oriental patterned shirt I've had since I was in Jr. High. It's 17 years old. Christ, I can't belive I own anything that's 17 years old.
8.What piece of furniture have you replaced the most?
Lamps. I break everything.
9. What instrument do you wish you could be more than great at?
10. Record, Tape or CD?
11. What do you think would be the best concert ever?
Bowie, Eno, Roxy and T.Rex circa 1974.
12. What is the best part of your favorite movie?
The train ride from Spirited Away.
13. What do you think is the most over-rated candy ever?
14. If you were writing out your will, who would you give your CD collection to?
15. If you could only debate two topics the rest of your life, what would they be?
Creative Arts (movies, music, books...) & world politics
16. Out of your friends, who would you say you are most jealous of, artistically?
Aaron-His writing is amazing.
17. Most jealous of....intellectually?
Aaron again.
18.What do you collect?
CD's, movies, books, toys, autographs, spoons, those mold-a-rama things from the zoo...
19. What is broken that you have, that you wish was fixed?
My career.
20. What do you do when you're home, sick?
Watch court shows and Lizzie McGuire.
21. Story behind your username?
It's my current email address.
22. Current Favorite Article of Clothing?
My purple courderoy pants.
23. Line from the last thing you wrote for someone?
It involves jealousy and Zombie monkies.
24. A famous person you have met?
Ted Raimi
25. Favorite way to waste time?
Screwing around with photoshop & pictures of Aria Giovanni.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hindi Aria Posted by Hello

Cool Narnia Poster. I can not wait to see this movie. Posted by Hello

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Tom Cruise is a Dink

Talk about creepy, got this off a UK news site.

Scarlett Johansson pulled out of appearing in the second Mission: Impossible sequel after Tom Cruise tried to convert her to scientology, according to reports.

Cruise, who produces the action adventures, met with Johansson ahead of casting for the upcoming Mission: Impossible 3 and took her to one of the controversial religion's headquarters, claims

A source tells the website, "After two hours of proselytising, Cruise opened a door to reveal a second room full of upper-level Scientologists who had been waiting to dine with the pair, at which point the cool-headed ingénue politely excused herself."

Officially Johansson quit the film because of scheduling conflicts after the film was delayed so Cruise could make War Of The Worlds.

Icky. Tom Cruise deserves whatever he gets.

Monday, June 20, 2005

The Justice League Posted by Hello

Alternate Casting #4: Justice League

Alternate Casting #4: Justice League

The Justice League
Superman: Eric Bana

Batman: Joaquin Phoenix (Christian Bale was really, really good in Batman Begins but since he's already played Batman...)

Wonder Woman: Carla Gugino

Green Lantern: Nick lachey (Why not, he was alright on Charmed despite the crapiness of the current incarnation of that show.)

Aquaman: Matthew McConaughey

The Flash: Matt Damon

Martian Manhunter: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Green Arrow: Sean Bean

Black Canary: Rachel Weisz

Plastic Man: Steve Carrell (If he can play a 40 year old virgin why not a man made of plastic.)

As always I long to hear your casting ideas as well.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Pin-up od the week: Lil Kim. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 18, 2005

A bloom that opened today. I thought I'd share it cause it's so pretty and it will be gone by tomorrow. Posted by Hello

A bloom from my garden. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Movie of the Week


"Pomme frites! Fries are pomme frites!" -H.G. Wells

This week's movie of the week is, Time After Time.

H.G. Wells has just invented a time machine but hasn't tried it out yet. When he discovers that one of his friends is actually Jack the Ripper, Jack makes his escape using the time machine. Herbert follows Jack into the late 1970's where he meets Amy, a bank clerk, who teaches Herbert about life in 70's while they pursue Jack, who is enjoying the more violent society in which he continues his murderous activities.

Fun Trivia:
Director Nicholas Meyer's first choice for Wells was Derek Jacobi.

The role of Amy Robbins went to Mary Steenburgen. However, the studio had wanted Sally Field. Director Meyer's first choice was his girlfriend, Shelley Hack. She  reportedly didn't want to become famous due to her boyfriend - but she did accept a small role as a docent at the museum Wells transports into.

Mick Jagger was originally considered for the part of Jack the Ripper, but director Nicholas Meyer couldn't see Jagger convincingly playing a Harley Street surgeon, John Leslie Stevenson's career when he wasn't stalking Whitechapel.

Time After Time has Corey Feldman's first role in a film.

Fun Quotes:
H.G. Wells: The first man to raise a fist is the man who's run out of ideas.

H.G. Wells: My name is H.G. Wells. I came here in a time machine of my own construction. I am pursuing Jack the Ripper, who escaped into the future in my machine.

[as Wells and Amy are kissing on Amy's couch, she begins to remove pieces of his clothing - first taking off his glasses, then unfastening his collar]
H.G. Wells: Amy, I don't want to compromise you. Are you quite certain I'm not forcing you to... Amy Robbins: Forcing me? My God, Herbert, I'm practically raping you.
H.G. Wells: [smiles] Yeah, that's true.

Jack the Ripper: Ninety years ago I was a freak. Today I'm an amateur.

My Time After Time Wallpaper:

One of my favorite movies. If you only see one of the movies I reccomend it should be this one. Four stars.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Pin up of the Week: Cynthia Myers.  Posted by Hello

Erica Gavin and Cynthia Myers share a kiss in Valley of the Dolls. Erica was such a great actress it's too bad she didn't go on to do more. We love you Vixen. Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Okay Constantine I was with you til now. You uh enjoying that scent wafting up from your arm pit? Maybe we should fix him up with mary Katherine Gallagher. I mean ick. Posted by Hello

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The Streetcar Cast Posted by Hello

Alternate Casting #3

This week I've decided to go 180 degrees from He-Man and have decided to do:

A Streetcar Named Desire:
Blanche: Cate Blanchett (okay she's maybe just a smidge too young but she is such a capable actress that what she couldn't do with her skill they could make up for with make-up.)

Stanley: Matthew McConaughey (He's an actor who can show a wide range of emotions and won't overplay it, like maybe Josh Hartnett in Hollywood Homicide.)

Stella: Heather Graham (Another capable actress who deserves a role like this but rarely gets one.)

Mitch: Bill Murray (Okay, okay I know I used him last time but I think it'd be really interesting to see him play this role.)

As always I look forward to hearing your comments and casting ideas.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Holy Crap I'm Hitler. Hmmm...well I guess it does make sense frustrated artist forced to work at a job they hate and surrounded by people they despise...

Tony Hill and Carol Jordan Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The TV Won't Let me Sleep

So I was just looking for something short to watch while I finished a couple of things up on the computer and came across a series on, On Demand BBC America called Wire in the Blood, sort of a forensics/ detective/ gory/ police drama and decided to give it a shot.

I was hooked from the beginning.

Wire in the Blood is sort of a Sherlock Holmes pastiche set in a modern British police setting. The main characters are Tony Hill (Robson Green), the Holmes of the piece is sort of a strange, quirky, psychologist who works as a criminal profiler. Hill has this tacit almost obsessive compulsive way of looking at the clues and almost super-humanly fingering a type.

The other major lead in the show is Detective Carol Jordan (Hermione Norris), the Watson/ Inspector Lestrade of the piece. She is the strong leader of a bright team of murder investigators whose occasional blunders help Tony Hill lead the team to make an arrest.

The plots are rich and well crafted with tons of character development. The suspense is so thick you can cut it with a knife, you will literally jump out of your seat. Above and beyond everything however is the amazing performance Robson Green gives as Tony Hill. His Hill is brilliant to a fault but, deeply flawed, unable to relate to normal people he finds solace in counseling the psychotic criminals he has helped to put behind bars. He is always so on the edge of sanity you wonder if he doesn't just want to join them rather than hunt them.

It's amazing. I love it and can't stop watching. I'm half way into the 3rd 95 minute episode and haven't been this impressed with a TV show in a very long time. I highly recommend it.


Overlooked Movies: The Ninth Gate


"I can only look at religion with a certain dose of irony, because I'm not a religious person. And of course, sex and religion, they're always connected. Each religion has some sort of hangup about sex." -Roman Polanski

This week's movie of the week is Roman Polanski's, The Ninth Gate.

Based on the book The Club Dumas, written by Arturo Perez-Reverte. Dean Corso, a somewhat sleazy rare book dealer, is hired by a mysterious patron who has just come into possession of one of the only three copies of The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of
Shadows (a 17th century occult text said to give its owner unimaginable power). The man hires Corso to track down the other two copies and compare them to his, but complications - both natural and supernatural - arise at every turn.

Watch the trailer here:

Fun Trivia:
The two booksellers Corso encounters in Toledo are actually the same actor. Polanski used a motion capture rig to use the same actor twice.

 The voice of one of the Ceniza twins (Pedro Ceniza) is dubbed by Roman Polanski himself.

The keypad combination to Boris Balkan's penthouse office and to his private library is "666".

The book of the nine gates, they say was written in 1666.

The little girl that stares at Corso at the Paris Airport is played by Roman Polanski's daughter Morgan.

When Dean Corso meets Boris Balkin for the first time, a crewmember is reflected in the library window.

Fun Quotes:
Boris Balkan: Nothing is more reliable than a man whose loyalties can be bought with hard cash.

Baroness Kessler: My latest work, The Devil: History and Myth - a kind of biography. It will be published next year.
Dean Corso: Why the devil?
Baroness Kessler: [laughs] I saw him one day. I was fifteen years old, and I saw him as plain as I see you now; cutaway, top hat, cane. Very elegant, very handsome. It was love at first sight.

Woman: What do you plan to do if you see them?
Dean Corso: Probably hide behind you.


Four stars all the way, one of my favorite movies and an amazing book.

This is one of the coolest pics I've ever seen. Basil Rathbone was such a god with a sword. Posted by Hello

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Pin-up of the week Europe's Pepsi Gladiators or as they are better known in their pop music forms Beyonce and Pink.  Posted by Hello