Monday, June 20, 2005

Alternate Casting #4: Justice League

Alternate Casting #4: Justice League

The Justice League
Superman: Eric Bana

Batman: Joaquin Phoenix (Christian Bale was really, really good in Batman Begins but since he's already played Batman...)

Wonder Woman: Carla Gugino

Green Lantern: Nick lachey (Why not, he was alright on Charmed despite the crapiness of the current incarnation of that show.)

Aquaman: Matthew McConaughey

The Flash: Matt Damon

Martian Manhunter: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Green Arrow: Sean Bean

Black Canary: Rachel Weisz

Plastic Man: Steve Carrell (If he can play a 40 year old virgin why not a man made of plastic.)

As always I long to hear your casting ideas as well.

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SamuraiFrog said...

Interesting cast... I disagree with a few of them, but they're decent.

Casting Superman is a lot harder than it should be; Eric Bana's alright, but I kind of like Matt Damon better as him than as Flash.

I'd keep Phoenix as Batman. I like Carla Gugino as Wonder Woman, but I'd probably go with Catherine Zeta-Jones. You know, before all the plastic surgery.

Green Lantern depends on which one you're using. Since DC would probably use Kyle Rayner for the movie, Jason Lee.

Aquaman...what a dork. Peter Sarsgaard? I just want to see him sell out, for some reason. Good actor, though.

With the Flash, you need someone with more of a runner's physique; Damon's too stocky. I guess I would cast, um... Heath Ledger?

As Martian Manhunter, the intense Crispin Glover.

Jack Davenport as Green Arrow. They should play up to the old persona (rich playboy) and how he changed into something else.

Rachel Weisz is good for Canary, so I say keep her.

Sam Rockwell as Plastic Man. Definitely.