Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Movie of the Week


"Pomme frites! Fries are pomme frites!" -H.G. Wells

This week's movie of the week is, Time After Time.

H.G. Wells has just invented a time machine but hasn't tried it out yet. When he discovers that one of his friends is actually Jack the Ripper, Jack makes his escape using the time machine. Herbert follows Jack into the late 1970's where he meets Amy, a bank clerk, who teaches Herbert about life in 70's while they pursue Jack, who is enjoying the more violent society in which he continues his murderous activities.

Fun Trivia:
Director Nicholas Meyer's first choice for Wells was Derek Jacobi.

The role of Amy Robbins went to Mary Steenburgen. However, the studio had wanted Sally Field. Director Meyer's first choice was his girlfriend, Shelley Hack. She  reportedly didn't want to become famous due to her boyfriend - but she did accept a small role as a docent at the museum Wells transports into.

Mick Jagger was originally considered for the part of Jack the Ripper, but director Nicholas Meyer couldn't see Jagger convincingly playing a Harley Street surgeon, John Leslie Stevenson's career when he wasn't stalking Whitechapel.

Time After Time has Corey Feldman's first role in a film.

Fun Quotes:
H.G. Wells: The first man to raise a fist is the man who's run out of ideas.

H.G. Wells: My name is H.G. Wells. I came here in a time machine of my own construction. I am pursuing Jack the Ripper, who escaped into the future in my machine.

[as Wells and Amy are kissing on Amy's couch, she begins to remove pieces of his clothing - first taking off his glasses, then unfastening his collar]
H.G. Wells: Amy, I don't want to compromise you. Are you quite certain I'm not forcing you to... Amy Robbins: Forcing me? My God, Herbert, I'm practically raping you.
H.G. Wells: [smiles] Yeah, that's true.

Jack the Ripper: Ninety years ago I was a freak. Today I'm an amateur.

My Time After Time Wallpaper:

One of my favorite movies. If you only see one of the movies I reccomend it should be this one. Four stars.

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Anonymous said...

I have adored this movie pretty much my whole life. Aside from the lines you already listed, my favorite is when Wells sees a portrait of himself as a fat old man and says scathingly "Never."