Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This is not a's a quiz!

1. Using your Current Initials, choose a different name for yourself:
Raisa Althea Wemyss (boy that's crap isn't it?)
2. If you were born outside of your era, when would you want to be born?
The 50's so I could experience the 70's music scene first hand at an age where I was still willing to experiment.
3. If you ran a store, what would you sell/have?
Books, comics, music, DVD's, toys.
4. What part in a movie would you love to play?
Barbarella, that girl has all the best toys. Everything from a space ship carpeted in shag to a blind angel.
5. In your opinion, why do people suck?
Cause they are all so fucking stupid.
6. If you had your own state, what would you put on your new quarter?
Vixen Palmer on one side Barbarella on the other. It would be the sexy state. How cheesy is that?
7. What's the oldest article of clothing you own?
A green silk oriental patterned shirt I've had since I was in Jr. High. It's 17 years old. Christ, I can't belive I own anything that's 17 years old.
8.What piece of furniture have you replaced the most?
Lamps. I break everything.
9. What instrument do you wish you could be more than great at?
10. Record, Tape or CD?
11. What do you think would be the best concert ever?
Bowie, Eno, Roxy and T.Rex circa 1974.
12. What is the best part of your favorite movie?
The train ride from Spirited Away.
13. What do you think is the most over-rated candy ever?
14. If you were writing out your will, who would you give your CD collection to?
15. If you could only debate two topics the rest of your life, what would they be?
Creative Arts (movies, music, books...) & world politics
16. Out of your friends, who would you say you are most jealous of, artistically?
Aaron-His writing is amazing.
17. Most jealous of....intellectually?
Aaron again.
18.What do you collect?
CD's, movies, books, toys, autographs, spoons, those mold-a-rama things from the zoo...
19. What is broken that you have, that you wish was fixed?
My career.
20. What do you do when you're home, sick?
Watch court shows and Lizzie McGuire.
21. Story behind your username?
It's my current email address.
22. Current Favorite Article of Clothing?
My purple courderoy pants.
23. Line from the last thing you wrote for someone?
It involves jealousy and Zombie monkies.
24. A famous person you have met?
Ted Raimi
25. Favorite way to waste time?
Screwing around with photoshop & pictures of Aria Giovanni.

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Kristen said...

Holy shit!
I think I remember that green shirt.