Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Is That Freedom Rock? Well Turn it Up!

CLASSIC ROCK: You're most like the classic
rock genre. You're happy and free. Rockers from
this genre typically came from the '60s and
'70s, and so yeah...they were probably stoned a
lot too. I think we now know why you're happy
and free. Haha. Anyway, you're optimistic,
original, and creative. Some of the best rock
bands came from this particular genre like the
Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and of course, Led
Zeppelin! :)

The Rock and Roll Personality Quiz
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1 comment:

SamuraiFrog said...

Alright! Freedom Rock!

Why do you get something as cool as Classic Rock, and I get whiny fucking Grunge?

Oh, because of your Rob Gordon-like love of folk rock...