Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Movie of the Week: Candy

Movie of the Week: Candy

Christian Marquand's CANDY follows the adventures of a gorgeous, naive young woman (Ewa Aulin) who sets off into the world on a journey of sexual discovery. Along her personal yellow brick road, she encounters a wacked-out poet (Richard Burton), an enigmatic Mexican gardener (Ringo Starr), an evil general (Walter Matthau), a lascivious guru (Marlon Brando), and a wily surgeon (James Coburn), all of whom want their own personal taste of Candy. Can she fend them off in time to save her own soul?

With a script by Buck Henry (THE GRADUATE) based on the novel by Terry Southern (DR. STRANGELOVE), CANDY is a wacky send-up of Voltaire's CANDIDE and one of the zaniest sexcapades ever captured on film. Marquand's erotic comedy also features a rock-fueled 1960s soundtrack that includes the Byrds and Steppenwolf.

Taglines: Good Grief, It's Candy!
She's only faithful to the book.

Fun Trivia:
Buck Henry the film's writer has a cameo as the strait-jacketed man in the elevator who becomes agitated at mention of Dr. Krankheit.

This was Ringo Starr's first appearance in a non Beatles movie...as a mexican gardener no less.

Some Edited Clips: You owe it to yourself to watch it.

Fun Quotes:
T.M. Christian: Now look you people! This isn't some godforsaken border town where you can just, uh, go about as you please and, and bother innocent people and do... do... do... Mexican things!

General R.A. Smight: You can't give blood to a member of your own family.
Jack Christian: Why can't I?
General R.A. Smight: Why can't you? Why can't you?
Jack Christian: That was my question, yes.
General R.A. Smight: Well because that's, that's... That's incest.

MacPhisto: The poem that I just recited to you was composed in a hospital in Burma as I lay close to death, having been savagely beaten by a...a horde of outraged Belgian tourists.

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