Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm sorry what did you say?

According to Starpulse psuedo-celebrity Paris Hilton thinks really skinny women are gross.

"A lot of women are too thin. I think the ones who are getting really skinny look gross."

Now call me a liar here if you think I'm wrong but isn't Paris Hilton a really skinny woman? Like so skinny you just want to shove a side of beef down her throat so she'll gain a couple of pounds and be a little less disgusting to look at? Just saying is all. and P.S. normally I wouldn't subject you to a picture of Paris Hilton but I thought it illustrated my point nicely. Look at her, she looks so weak she can barely stand under the "heft" of her own weight.


Mob said...

I was always amused by the fact that every episode of The Simple Life had her ass-crack pixelated out because she hasn't even got the ass nor hips to keep a pair of pants held up properly.

Becca said...

Hollywood's uber-fitness craze has just about killed the womanly ass and hips. Sigh...