Sunday, August 06, 2006

Strange Old Kids Books

A few questions...
Don't these policemen on these covers look just a bit too friendly?

Ding Dong School? What's that? A school for dummies? Are these books for stupid children?

What exactly is a pajama wagon and why does the guy who drives the pajama wagon look like a pervert?

Flash Gordon and the Baby Animals? What now that he's defeated Ming the Merciless he's got time to play with the baby animals?


    Anonymous said...

    Note the as NOT to leave suspicious fingerprints once they uh...well, you know. Smiles seem to hide the true identity is this case!

    Kept picturing the doc denton pajamas..You know, the one's with the buttoned flap in the back. Hmmm and now a wagon of Doc Dentons. Too scary to even consider..imagine all the children on a Sunday afternoon drive in the big red truck? Not a good book for a child or an adult.

    Ding Dong.....ummm.....yeah. No further comment. Neither the Ding nor the Dong I might add.

    =) thanks for the laughs btw!

    Becca said...

    Of course gloves! A cop would know better than to leave any obvious evidence.

    Anomie-Atlanta said...

    I want a copy of "The Boy Who Wouldn't Eat His Breakfast".

    Becca said...

    I know that dog is great!