Saturday, August 19, 2006

Yet another reason to skip the Neil LaBute's Wickerman remake...

It's bad enough Nicholas Cage is the star of this thing but now I hear there's no nudity! Okay, okay a movie doesn't necessarily need nudity to be good, but I guess the way LaBute explains this decision annoys me a little, claiming the women of this new Summerisle will be less wild and calling the nudity, the sexuality of the original movie dated. I couldn't disagree more.

One of the most fascinating parts of the original movie was it's comparison of the pagan beliefs of the island to that of intense Christian beliefs of Sergeant Howie. The movie was an exploration of sexual ideas and identity in religion. To me the nudity in the original movie wasn't supposed to be sensational or shocking; it was supposed to be representative of this community's lifestyle and religion. It wasn't nudity for the sake of nudity it was necessary to the story, necessary to the movie's message...take the nudity out of the original movie and it just doesn't work.

So when LaBute calls the nudity in the original Wickerman dated what does that say for his remake? The original movie was a thought provoking mystery film, rich in colorful songs, images and religious exploration. This new version feels like it started with a rating and a release date instead of a story.

What is it about America these days? It seems as though day by day we grow more and more conservative and less interested in exploring different ideas and philosophies. Half our nation was up in arms just a few years ago because of an exposed breast on TV. We are so messed up as a nation we seem to be overcompensating for our fear of sexuality by ramping up the exploitive violence we see on TV and at the movies. How is that healthy?

...on the other hand at least I don't have to see Nicholas Cage naked and that's certainly a plus.


Anonymous said...

Strange enough, I could not agree more. If the original was truely of exploration and a sense of freedom...a belief in paganism and the effect it had upon.

Today, stories or scripts don't base themselves upon characters, plot development, conflict and or resolution. A few meer threads that infact make a film of interest...

Films with true plot and development..
Strangers on a Train
Harold and Maude
The Graduate
Being There
The Wicker Man
Touch of Evil.........

and the list goes on and on.

Once we have decided to settle back in to real and interesting story telling. Imagery thats thought provoking. Plots that progress and carry characters along and develope......I may start watching films of recent again. Until then...let the US film industry fall on it's face creating tripe that falls unto the laps of the lowest common denominator. Those who go to films to simply escape there dulldrum lives of sort. What a pity It's truely become.

Cage, enjoy your paycheck because you certainly are not involved in any thought provoking film. Not in the slightest. My rant is now over....I think.

Becca said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Let's hope the US film industry does fall flat on it's face soon so maybe we can get more than just a handfull of good movies each year.

Anonymous said...

If it does fall flat...which I know it won't..but IF......I hope to god the Brits run us back to our cave with some quality film making again. I've hope!