Friday, September 29, 2006

Favorite Bond Girls #1: Britt Ekland

Favorite Bond Girls #1: Britt Ekland

Casino Royale the next James Bond is coming out on November 17th and I have to say I couldn't be less excited and this is coming from someone who has every Bond movie on DVD, I even have all the soundtracks! The trailer is laughable and Daniel Craig could not be more of a pussy if he tried, while filiming he's broken multiple limbs and he can't even drive the stick shift Bond car so they had to make one in automatic. So it's gotten me thinking about the brighter days of Bond and in honor of those fond memories over the next couple of weeks I will start posting pics of my favorite Bond girls. Enjoy!

Mary Goodnight (Britt Ekland) – This beautiful-yet-inexperienced British intelligence officer plays a crucial role in helping Bond track down Scaramanga's private island off the Chinese coast.

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Anonymous said...

She was OK, but certainly not among the best!