Saturday, September 23, 2006

Overlooked Movies: Meet the Feebles

"The only thing I heard is that there was a screening in Los Angeles of 'Meet The Feebles', for Universal. I wasn't there, I wasn't even in the country, but Universal wanted to have a look at the film and Lisa Henson - Jim Henson's daughter, she's an executive at Universal - saw it and apparently enjoyed it. She was quite shocked when she saw Kermit nailed on a cross!" ~Peter Jackson on Henson reaction to Meet the Feebles.

Meet The Feebles, a puppet tragedy of gross proportions, relates the fateful events that lead to the infamous Feebles Variety Massacre - a day that rocked the puppet world! Bletch, a cigar chomping walrus, has his hands full with his cast of egocentric show-biz stars. When you've got an incompetant panic stricken fox as a director, a junkie knife throwing frog, and a hare with a fatal disease as MC, things do not look sunny. But Bletch's biggest problem is with his star and long time lover, Heidi the Hippo, who suspects that he is having an affair with a Siamese cat called Samantha. With two failed suicide attempts and her mental balance totally destroyed, Heidi makes an unannounced entrance centre-stage.....armed with a machine gun!

Click here to watch the trailer:

"The Puppet Spunk Hits The Fan"
"Hell Hath No Fury Like A Psycho Hippo With A Heavy Machine Gun"
"Welcome To The Jungle!"
"Sex, Drugs And Soft Toys"
"More Carnality From The Director Of Bad Taste"

Fun Trivia:
Director Peter Jackson couldn't locate blank rounds, so the M-60 used in the movie is firing live ammunition.

When the Feebles Variety Hour finally goes live, one of the audience members is wearing the alien costume from director Peter Jackson's previous movie Bad Taste.

This film was shot with standard 16mm color film stock, which has a TV-Monitor aspect ratio of 4:3 (or 1.33:1). So all VHS and DVD editions that look like they are "pan and scan" are really fullscreen.

All dialogue in the film was recorded before the production of the film to make shooting easier.

Fun Quotes:
Bletch: Have you thought of a name for it, yet?
Trevor: I was thinking along the lines of..."Dennis does Daisy".
Bletch: No. That's lousy.
Trevor: How about..."Anal Antics"?
Bletch: "Anal Antics"... yes. It will appeal to the intellectuals. Do you think it will do as well as our last release and win the Hooker Prize?

Heidi: Eat lead you man-stealing slut!

Robert: I thought you were nice.
Lucille: I am nice.
Robert: No your not, you're loose! And you drink!
Lucille: No...
Robert: You're nothing but a loose lush Lucille and I never want to see you again!

Click here to watch one of the most twisted scenes ever to grace the silver screen...yes it's the Sodomy floor show:


Kristen said...

Sometimes at work I get the sodomy song stuck in my head. I have to be careful not to start singing it out loud.

Becca said...

That is a damn catchy tune don't you think some of the old women buying halloween cards might enjoy it?

Anonymous said...

This movie is SO AMAZING. And disturbing. It is one that needs to be added to my collection!

Peter Jackson is absolutely amazing. Dead Alive is also one of my faves. The man does cult like no other!