Saturday, October 28, 2006

Devil Girls Who Go Bump in the Night

With halloween only a few days a way I thought I'd post some of my favorite devil girls.

Bettie Page in a cute devil costume

Dave Stevens devil girl painting

One of Coop's devil girls man it looks like she's having a good time.

The Altoids Devil Girl


SamuraiFrog said...

That's my favorite-ever Coop art. I think you and Merna should recreate this in a photo session. Don't worry, I'll hold the camera. Do you want to be the devil or the nun?

Becca said...

Well Merna what do you think? I'm willing if you are. I already have my own horns and I think you'd look very cute in the nuns habbit.

Anonymous said...

if she won't I will- that image is hot with a capital H!

Becca said...

Ah Shroom-Monkey you're a girl after my own heart and I bet you would look hot in that nuns habbit.

Kristen said...

Hey! I think I would make an awesome nun!

Becca said...

There's nothing wrong with two nuns and a devil, it just increases the naughty.